Work in Progress

I got A LOT done this week! woohoo!!!!! Hopefully typing will help me calm down a little bit, as I was just chased by the neighbors dog. It was rather unpleasant to say the least. That adrenaline rush sure leaves you shaky. I made 1o messenger bags! My poor sewing machine, used to be my Nana’s, and I don’t know when she last cleaned it. And I haven’t cleaned since I got it this spring. Needless to say, It is FILTHY! I was hoping get it cleaned before I start sewing again after Allegan this Sunday, but I don’t think I have enough time. With Midland( which is my biggest show) and another Allegan a week after that, coming up in Sept. I don’t think I have time to not sew. Smile I was hoping to be able to update the website today, but unfortunately I lost my SD card with all of my Pictures of some gorgeous flowers and Pics of my Beautiful bags that I finished yesterday. But here are some pictures of bags in progress.

These are all ironed and ready to sew up the side seams, sew the gussets and put on the handles.


This is what my door knob looked like when I was done Winking smile.


My Door from the outside. My sister was complaining because she couldn’t close the door.


Look at all those bags!!


Here they are without the flowers.


Here is the “poor mans light box” that I used for my flowers.


And these are my tags.


Pray that I find my SD card!

Off to Allegan tomorrow and Sunday!

By His Grace,


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