Fun Fun FUN!!

So much fun over the last couple of crazy busy weeks I sewed 21 Messenger bags with the help of my sweet sisters! They agreed to “work” for me for $1 a bag apiece. Isabella does the ironing and Sarah Grace does the hemming. I was able to get so much done with their help.

Purse Collage 1

Purse Collage 2


I even had time for some “Fun Sewing” as I call it. Smile 

I altered a dress that I had gotten for $3. I didn’t take a before photo. Sad smile  Imagine it without the ruffle and flowers.





That was a lot of fun!

I also took an ugly sweater that Dad didn’t want and I Made it into a cardigan. It still needs ruffles that I ran out of time to add.

Here is the before and the almost completed pics. I will take a better pic when the  ruffles are on.



When I got to this point I was like “hey! a sweater vest like this would be really cool!!” But I really need a cardigan so I decided to finish it the way I had planned.


A finished pic will come later.

I so can’t wait till this weekend! We are going to the Michigan Antiques and Collectibles Festival in Midland MI. The last two times I have we have gone, I did really well and sold nearly all out of bags. So I have a very large stash. Also some big news! My bags will be for sale at The Find in Chicago Illinois. Also, I will hopefully getting an order for Messenger bags from Sassy Pants Boutique in Rockford MI in mid October.

So excited! Even with 31 bags I still need to get to work after these next and last two shows. Midland and Allegan here we come!


By His Grace