Our Sale is Done. . .

Ahhhhhhh… {sigh} our sale is over. All the work, and work, and creating, and work has finally paid off! We all did very well! Even my little brothers and sisters sold their little benches that they had made. They were thrilled to say the least. I sold lots of headbands, earwarmers, and pretty ponies. I also sold a few Messenger bags, and several wallets. So Blessed and thankful to the Lord for a successful day. News as well. I may have been contracted for a sewing ‘job’ so to speak, will let you know more about that soon hopefully.

Here are pictures of my ‘booth’.

All the Headbands/Ear warmers



Bow Ear Warmers on the left and Button Ear Warmers on the right. Most everything show will be going onto the Etsy shop Hopefully this week.



Knotted headbands made with stretch knit.



The Ruffled Messenger Bags



Peony Hair Flowers and lace headbands.



Wallets, (what was left after day one) more flowers and my Pretty Ponies. (isn’t my brand name cute??!)



Please don’t get tired of me sharing pictures of my hairstyles. It is one of my passions and this one turned out great! I hope to start doing tutorials eventually. (ignore the commode)


I’ve got to go! my room is a mess after the weekend and The kitchen needs my attention!

By His Grace,


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