Thanks Giving Outfits

These are the outfits my sisters and I wore to our family’s Thanksgiving party! Love every one of these outfits!





Little Sis SG’s outfit:

Ruffle Blouse Charlotte Russe: Thrifted $3.99

Cardigan: Thrifted $4.99

Skirt: Made by me

Headband: C/O Jewels by Julia




My Belle’s Outfit:

Top: Walmart $4.99

Skirt: Made by Me

Our cat Mollie sure made an adorable, funny, and unexpected entrance to our photo shoot!





My Outfit:

Ruffle Top: Thrifted $.50

White Cardigan: Talbots Thrifted $2.99

Cami: Forever21 $1.80

Skirt: Made by Me (this is my favorite EVER)

Vintage Fall Scarf: $1.00 from Antique Sale

Boots: My cowboys, Flea Market $12.00

Headband: C/O Jewels by Julia


Love my Family! We don’t all get dressed up at the same time so it is unusual to take a family picture! Wow! Those littles are growing fast!

I loved how all of our outfits turned out! We all love wearing homemade skirts all at once! It makes us feel like we match but with our own personality! The Skirt SG is wearing is one I just made and I must say I am very pleased with the results! We had a lot of fun with extended family and fellowshipping with family we don’t get to see often. My favorite part of the night was washing dishes with My uncle and great uncle. And trying to fish silverware out of the garbage disposal mechanism in the sink. Don’t worry, my uncles took good care of me and I still have all of my fingers! Although they did scare the daylights out of me when they kept telling each other to stay away from the switch and asking a lot if it was off. Smile 

By His Grace,


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