I went thrift store shopping with these sweeties this week!!!! So much fun! We had such a fun time with our dear friend ‘Cindy Lou’ as we so fondly call her! And we came home with lots of fun treasures! The Thrift stores we went to were so fun because they were new to me! Did I say we had fun???




The Jewelry was cheap, you can see the prices on the tags. Someday I will post a picture of all of the bangles that I have. But right now I am ashamed to say there are more than can be worn without sounding like a wind chime. And these boots were my special treasure! Don’t they just look like old-fashioned button up boots!? The brand was BC! and they were $4.99! Steal!



#1 Eddie Bauer Tunic Top $3.69

#2 Grey pea coat fleece jacket! (love this one!) $3.69

#3 American Eagles Outfitter Hat $1.99



#4 Ann Taylor t-shirt $2.99

#5 Lace Top (L.O.V.E this one) $3.69

#6 Banana Republic grey ruffle cardigan $3.69



#7 Apt. 9 teal baby-doll top $3.69

#8 Twenty-One grey sweater $3.69

#9 Gap camel sweater $3.50



#10 St. John’s Bay zig zag sweater $1.50

#11 Camel Sweater Tunic $3.99



Aqua Vintage Typewriter!!! Ya’ll look at my baby!  She was $20! So pretty and I actually intend to use it! This is not just for looks! I still have yet to figure out how to switch out the rolls of ink. hmmm. But GORG!



9 Grace Livingston Hill books! for $8.00 Yay! Only, I bought the first set that you see on the right for $5 a piece! too bad I didn’t know the going rate. . . The Middle picture is of all of the new vintage books that I have bought within the last two months. The back row is a set of ten by Grace Livingston Hill off of ebay for $15. I am such a book snob! I love the classics! The more vintage the better! If it smells old I will bury my nose in it and inhale deeply! I need a storage unit just for my books! They are literally everywhere!



And mama bought us a sweat little Holly tree and lights for under $10! It is so adorable!


Had so much fun!

By His Grace,


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