Why Organization is Important in a Wardrobe Pt. 1 The Closet

Hello Everyone! I am here now to share something that is really important to me and my wardrobe. As you can guess by the title, Organization!

You know the old phrase “Organization is Key”? Well I am here to testify that this is true.

I share a small bedroom with my two sisters. That means it is crowded to say the least. But to quote the Duggars, “some how we make it all work out!” We have triple bunks, so no problem there, and we each have our own little space or storage spot, even if that is just a basket or box that sits in the corner of the room. But we share one dresser and one closet between us. But when there is so little space, organization is important for many reasons.

1. it enables us to see everything in an orderly way so nothing is buried in a drawer where we can’t see, and nothing is rolled in a ball in the corner of the closet floor. (been there done that)

2. It helps us make color combination choices much easier

3. It makes me happy! {grin}

Here is a picture of our closet. Get ready. It may not look that organized but for us this is.

Top Shelf:

Here we hang all of our blouses or shirts that need to be hung up because of that hateful enemy, wrinkles. I organize them by colors, that way I can see all of the options to match a particular skirt without having to dig through them all. I tried to follow the color wheel out of my head, but I didn’t do it right. Smile Then in the winter I organize them so that my jackets/sweaters are on the left by themselves, not mixed in with the blouses and tops. Long sleeve t-shirts are stacked up in a pile in between them. This method is really helpful for the outlined reasons! It helps us see everything and decide what exactly we want to wear.



Bottom shelf:

All the way to the left is Tunics and dresses. Then Homemade skirts, Denim, Tan, then misc. skirts. Again, all of the options are available in eyesight and organized in a way that we always know where what we are looking for is. {slight side note, I am really geeked out when I see all of the homemade skirts! Some of them need to be retired, but it is so hard when you made it yourself. it is like cutting up something you spent a lot of time, effort, thought, and love into.}




This is just the method that works for our room, closet, and life, but I hope this was helpful in some way to you! Happy organizing!

I will share the dresser drawers and folding techniques in the next post. Stay tuned!

By His Grace,


2 thoughts on “Why Organization is Important in a Wardrobe Pt. 1 The Closet

  1. Um….this makes me want to go up and clean out my closet and drawers. All I can say is it is a good thing Pete does not care too much about clothes and is satisfied with just a very few shirts and sweaters…because that means I get the rest of the space!


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