Why Organization is Important in a Wardrobe pt. 2 The Dresser

So! On to the Dresser!

Same rules apply to Organization that I mentioned in the previous post. In case you didn’t read the first post, you can find it here:

Our Dresser is a vintage dresser that is long. (PS, I am only going to show you my drawers!)





My Top drawer has Cami’s/tanks that I separate in piles of lights and Darks. Also socks and gloves! And Bike shorts in the back.



Bottom Drawer, straight denim skirts, and leggings.



In the Middle Drawer I keep my T-shirts. Now, our dresser has really shallow drawers. Which poses a problem if I stack my shirts in the usual way. So I am going to show you a new way to fold your t-shirts and stack them in your drawer! I learned this from a dear friend who posted it on her blog.  1. in half lengthwise. 2. in half width wise. 3. In half width wise again. and voila!


Place them all in rows instead of stacks. This way, you can see all of the t-shirts and not have to dig and make a mess of your drawers!




Now, this is how I fold Leggings so that they fit in these shallow drawers! 1. fold in half. 2.fold in thirds length wise. 3. fold that in half. Line them up in your drawer like you did the t-shirts.


Again, these are the tricks that I have found helpful in organizing my clothes in a way that makes them easy to access and find. I hope these tips help you! Now, go turn some music you enjoy on and go have fun organizing!

Disclaimer: My drawers and Closets don’t always look like this. Every two months or more, I will go and touch them up, get rid of things that I never wear, put away things that are out of season, and make everything spick and span again!

By His Grace,


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