A Week in Homemade Skirts

Hello! So this past week I decided to and entire week in homemade skirts! It was fun, because it pushed me to find different outfit combinations to wear with them. This fall, I realized that the ranks of Homemade skirts were thinning with wear now that I am sharing them with my sister. And they seemed too summery to me. So I decided to invest in some darker colors to add to our wardrobe. They are quite the staple in our closet. So it was nice to wear them all in one week and pair some things with them that I wouldn’t normally. Here is all seven outfits.


  Day 1 and Day 2


Day 3 and Day 4


Day 5 and Day 6


Day 7



Well, of all seven my favorites are probably Day 1 and Day 6. Day 7 was my birthday and Daddy took me out to lunch, so I decided to wear his favorite blouse. I really like that outfit too.

Which was your favorite?

By His Grace,


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