Valentine’s Day 2015

This past Sunday, (the day after Valentine’s day) I got the pleasure of putting on a surprise Valentine’s dinner for the fam. It was so fun! I love decorating, and I had a blast!


Inside the little Heart envelopes on the plates is a Ghirardelli Chocolate! the best ever. . . YUM!



My Favorite, Pillow mints for after dinner in a teacup. With Candy Hearts and streamers spread around.


Streamers and different size hearts in different colors of paper.


Candles and a bouquet of roses all of the kids gave to Mama for Valentines day.


Conversation hearts and paper hearts. . .


Roses. . .




We had a pot roast dinner. Roast, Potatoes and Carrots, and Broccoli. And for Dessert we had a Flourless Chocolate Cupcake topped with Whipped Cream and Melted Chocolate. Everyone drew a name out of a hat and had to make a “Valentine Card” for the person who’s name they drew, telling that special someone something that they love about the or something they are thankful for who they are or what they do. Those were place under each person’s plate, and after dinner, we read them aloud. As a fun game while we were waiting for dinner, we picked out a conversation heart for the person who was our “Valentine” that we thought described them, or how we felt towards them. Then everyone picked out one to give to Mama. Mama picked out a dozen or so to describe her feelings for Daddy Smile. It was just a fun time and there was a lot of laughter and love. I treasure the times we are able to spend as a family like this, knowing that we won’t always have the ability to be together. I love my family dearly! They are my biggest cheerleaders and know when to give it to me straight. Their personalities are all so different that a day is never boring! Love them all! So thankful for them.

What did you do for Valentine’s day?

By His Grace,


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