Friday Favorites March 2015

I again apologize for being late with the Friday Faves. . . But here, they are!


Click on the pictures to take you to where you can purchase them.

Ellie Holcomb’s As Sure as the Sun.

~such a beautiful mix of scripture written into music. Her voice is so cool! I just love this album!


Crowder’s Neon Steeple

~ I am really enjoying this mix of country and modern music. I have been listening to it almost non-stop! We even jived to it while we were spring cleaning this week!




yes, I know, I already mentioned it but CINDERELLA was UH-mazing! I cried and laughed and was breathless with delight. I have even heard tell of men crying!






Yup, still chugging away at
Les Miserables: Such a beautiful tale! I must say though, Victor Hugo is the master of philosophical, poetical, and historical rabbit trails. I must confess though I did only skim some of Grantaire’s monologues. When that guy drinks some wine he can talk quite the blue streak!



My sewing machine. . . we have been almost inseparable these past few weeks. I had an outside job that I have been working on for someone, and I have been sewing a lot. . . skirts, and even a dress. . . more on that later.


These Fabulous pumps that I got for $5.00! SCORE! I don’t know where I am going to wear them. . . but they were $5!




Notebooks: I know, silly, but my brain does not retain a lot when it has a lot flying around in it. My secret weapon has become writing down whatever important fact I think of when I think of it so I don’t forget it. I have 2 little notebooks lying around. One is for random things (aka, what I need to do on the computer, things I need from Hobby Lobby, measurements, and other random notes) and the second is for literary things. Story ideas, plot points for my novel, quotes, and other such things.


And. . . last but definitely not least, The dress that I made myself. here is a sneak peak. I have never made a dress before, (well, not really) And I am so pleased as punch, I literally squealed like a little girl and jumped up and down, when I tried it on. You can see my excitement in the picture.




Today, I took a test in piano. They test me in four different areas of music. Performance, Aural awareness(aka listening), Technic and sight reading, and Theory. When I went in for my test, the judicator asked me how I was. I said fine, but felt like saying like Anne of Green Gables. “Well in body, but considerably rumpled in spirit thank you”  Thankfully I felt like I did an good job. Performance, ( my favorite part, I was blessed to be able to play on a Steinway Grand piano! Eek! I was in heaven and would loved to have done it over again for the pure joy of playing on such a marvelous instrument. I literally feel like I played it better on that piano than I did on our Keyboard. 


Well, anyway, what are some of your favorite things this month?


By His Grace,


Pretty in Purple

So Yesterday, I decided to follow the example of my little sis and wear all of one color! Kind of a no brainer, but we try not to wear ALL of the same color! We always try to break it up. SOOO I wore ALL Purple! and I must say I loved it!





Cardigan Sweater ~ Gift

Skirt ~ Me Made

Cami ~ Forever 21

Ring ~ Antique Market $2.00

Shoes ~ American Eagle Thrifted $3.00



I didn’t really realize how perfectly my little photographer captured the sun rays! So pretty!






What about you? Do you ever mix colors out or step out of your color comfort zone?

By His Grace,


My First Quilt

Big News! This past week I finished my very first ever “real” quilt! So excited! It looks Marvelous in my inexperienced eye. I am so happy and thrilled with it! It was even fun hand sewing the binding around the edge.

I made the binding out of 1.5 yards of extra fabric.


Unprofessional or not, I quilted the majority of my quilt on the floor. Isabella helped me thread the thick parts of the quilt through the machine by gently pulling on the other side while I pushed from mine. ♥


Hand Whip-stitching the binding down.




The finished Product!







It ended up being about 86” x 86” square. When I do a quilt that is not a scrap quilt I will be more concise about the size. I have decided after this venture that I might make a quilt every winter during our “quiet” season. I am just so happy with it! It may be the thing that finally makes me start a hope chest. I don’t really have a place in my room to store a large quilt over the summer. . . hmmm.

By His Grace,


Spring is on its way!


Oh my Gosh! I didn’t have to wear a parka before I stepped outside the door! Spring is almost here! I saw a Robin, The snow is melting, and the grass is showing in places. Correction, there is snow only in a few places now. I was able to go on a walk with some of the “littles” this week. Since then I have gone on two additional walks. Scrumptious Breeze that doesn’t take my nose with it blowing in my face and hardly any ice anywhere.


I got so stir crazy (and I thought it would be good for me) that I just had to go outside and walk! Now that I don’t have to put on snow pants, gloves, hat, scarf, and parka on before I go it is so much easier to just GO!



My Walking buddies! ♥



The warmth of the sun has loosened its hold on the water, and it is now running free! Which reminds me of how Jesus loosed our chains through his blood and we are now free and able to dance and sing with abandon.


Josiah loves playing with special effects on his camera that we used to snap some pics of us on our walk.



Also, with the coming of spring came the live action movie of Cinderella. I am not a huge fairy tale person at all, but after watching the trailer several months ago, I had goosebumps and knew I had to see it. Being a family movie we all had the opportunity to go and see it in theatres which was such a treat! The adjective that best describes the story and movie in my mind is just “pretty” “beautiful”. I loved how they gave the step-mother a back story and the relationship with the king and the prince was looked into a little deeper which I also loved.

And, being a seamstress and loving all things style, especially old fashioned style. I was In heaven over the costumes!!!! EEK! They were so gorgeous and fantastic! Her Ball gown was a work of art! When we got home from the theater, I looked up how it was made and was enthralled! They layered so many different kinds of light and airy fabrics of different shades of blue. Overall, the ball-gown boasted over 220 yards of fabric all together. They sewed over 200 little Swarovski Crystals all into it and even safely glued some in her hair. I am convinced Lily James made a gorgeous and gentle Cinderella.




I was even stunned by the Step-mother and Step-sisters costumes. The dresses were gorgeous and the step-mothers style beautiful although dark looking, which fit the character well.


Even the men’s costumes were so cool! The attention to detail blew my mind!


And Cinderella’s Wedding Gown I must say was ethereal! They hand painted all of those flowers onto the overskirt. Ahem. . .  HAND painted! Being the seamstress that I am, I can only dream of doing such exquisite works of art, but sometimes dreams do come true!


What is something that you have enjoyed about the coming of spring?

By His Grace,


Friday Faves Feb. 2015

Although a bit late, I hope you still enjoy this post! Friday Faves are basically things that I am really enjoying currently.

Here are some of my Friday Faves This month.


How Can it Be EP by Lauren Daigle


Les Miserables Official Soundtrack

Hushabye by Hayley Westenra

Fiddler on the Roof Official Soundtrack


Les Miserables by Victor Hugo ~ this book is amazing and I will be doing an in-depth post about the book and my take on some things in it.

The Andrew Tillet, Sara Wiggins, and Inspector Wyatt Series ~ These are kids books, but I am really enjoying them. I didn’t feel that good earlier this week so I read 4-5 of them in a row because I got the first few from the library and then got the next on my Kindle.

Case for a Creator by Lee Strobel ~ One of my favorite informational books! It fuels my passion for creation and science!




Les Miserables (2012) OH MY WORD! Words cannot express how much I ADORE this film! If I had to pick three words to describe it they would be Epic, Redemptive, and Raw.  Being a Christian, there are so many things in this story that is so moving to me! As you can see I am possibly a bit obsessed with this story. I dove headfirst into the movie, book and soundtrack!

Dolphin Tale 2 (2014) I had the privilege of seeing this film in theatres and it was such a GOOD film. Family Friendly and a great story. Excited to see this as a family!


Liberty’s Kids: this is a TV show that I have been watching with the kids as a part of their History education. It follows the lives of three children, one a loyalist who later changes her view point to believe in liberty as she witnesses the historical events that surrounds the Revolutionary war, another a son of liberty, and one other their friend. They are short segments, like 15 min. long and they are entertaining enough to keep the littles interest, but chock full of history! I got it for $6.00 on Amazon! Totally worth it!



~Heatless Headband Curls! Loving these in my hair! I will be doing a tutorial video soon so stay tuned!


~Sitting by the Fire and reading

~Doing my sisters hair everyday

~Bobby Pins, Ya’ll I would not survive without Bobby Pins!

~Clearing the Ice on our pond for Ice Skating!

~Spending time with my dear Mama painting someone’s kitchen cabinets together and spending drive time reading to her or just chatting

~Knitting more socks!


~Memorizing a piece of piano music for a test coming up! I have All three memorized now! Yay! Just need to get confident now.


Here is a little funny for you that I enjoyed as well! Living in a family with lots of kids this was Hilarious to me!


What are some of your Faves this month?

Do you enjoy doing, listening, watching, reading anything on my list?

By His Grace,