Spring is on its way!


Oh my Gosh! I didn’t have to wear a parka before I stepped outside the door! Spring is almost here! I saw a Robin, The snow is melting, and the grass is showing in places. Correction, there is snow only in a few places now. I was able to go on a walk with some of the “littles” this week. Since then I have gone on two additional walks. Scrumptious Breeze that doesn’t take my nose with it blowing in my face and hardly any ice anywhere.


I got so stir crazy (and I thought it would be good for me) that I just had to go outside and walk! Now that I don’t have to put on snow pants, gloves, hat, scarf, and parka on before I go it is so much easier to just GO!



My Walking buddies! ♥



The warmth of the sun has loosened its hold on the water, and it is now running free! Which reminds me of how Jesus loosed our chains through his blood and we are now free and able to dance and sing with abandon.


Josiah loves playing with special effects on his camera that we used to snap some pics of us on our walk.



Also, with the coming of spring came the live action movie of Cinderella. I am not a huge fairy tale person at all, but after watching the trailer several months ago, I had goosebumps and knew I had to see it. Being a family movie we all had the opportunity to go and see it in theatres which was such a treat! The adjective that best describes the story and movie in my mind is just “pretty” “beautiful”. I loved how they gave the step-mother a back story and the relationship with the king and the prince was looked into a little deeper which I also loved.

And, being a seamstress and loving all things style, especially old fashioned style. I was In heaven over the costumes!!!! EEK! They were so gorgeous and fantastic! Her Ball gown was a work of art! When we got home from the theater, I looked up how it was made and was enthralled! They layered so many different kinds of light and airy fabrics of different shades of blue. Overall, the ball-gown boasted over 220 yards of fabric all together. They sewed over 200 little Swarovski Crystals all into it and even safely glued some in her hair. I am convinced Lily James made a gorgeous and gentle Cinderella.




I was even stunned by the Step-mother and Step-sisters costumes. The dresses were gorgeous and the step-mothers style beautiful although dark looking, which fit the character well.


Even the men’s costumes were so cool! The attention to detail blew my mind!


And Cinderella’s Wedding Gown I must say was ethereal! They hand painted all of those flowers onto the overskirt. Ahem. . .  HAND painted! Being the seamstress that I am, I can only dream of doing such exquisite works of art, but sometimes dreams do come true!


What is something that you have enjoyed about the coming of spring?

By His Grace,


2 thoughts on “Spring is on its way!

  1. It is funny, because although it has been years since I have gone to the theater, this is one movie I would love to see! And although I am NOT a seamstress, the costumes would be a huge reason for that. I love “pretty”, and Cinderella’s gowns are beyond that! Perhaps a girls day out with 2 of my daughters!


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