My First Quilt

Big News! This past week I finished my very first ever “real” quilt! So excited! It looks Marvelous in my inexperienced eye. I am so happy and thrilled with it! It was even fun hand sewing the binding around the edge.

I made the binding out of 1.5 yards of extra fabric.


Unprofessional or not, I quilted the majority of my quilt on the floor. Isabella helped me thread the thick parts of the quilt through the machine by gently pulling on the other side while I pushed from mine. ♥


Hand Whip-stitching the binding down.




The finished Product!







It ended up being about 86” x 86” square. When I do a quilt that is not a scrap quilt I will be more concise about the size. I have decided after this venture that I might make a quilt every winter during our “quiet” season. I am just so happy with it! It may be the thing that finally makes me start a hope chest. I don’t really have a place in my room to store a large quilt over the summer. . . hmmm.

By His Grace,


2 thoughts on “My First Quilt

  1. Oh, my word! When you said you were making a quilt, I was picturing a smallish lap quilt…but this…this is huge! And so beautiful! Many, many years ago I quilted and actually belonged to a local quilting group. Finished small projects, but never one of this size. I think a quilt every winter would be a great idea. You never cease to amaze me!


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