Friday Favorites March 2015

I again apologize for being late with the Friday Faves. . . But here, they are!


Click on the pictures to take you to where you can purchase them.

Ellie Holcomb’s As Sure as the Sun.

~such a beautiful mix of scripture written into music. Her voice is so cool! I just love this album!


Crowder’s Neon Steeple

~ I am really enjoying this mix of country and modern music. I have been listening to it almost non-stop! We even jived to it while we were spring cleaning this week!




yes, I know, I already mentioned it but CINDERELLA was UH-mazing! I cried and laughed and was breathless with delight. I have even heard tell of men crying!






Yup, still chugging away at
Les Miserables: Such a beautiful tale! I must say though, Victor Hugo is the master of philosophical, poetical, and historical rabbit trails. I must confess though I did only skim some of Grantaire’s monologues. When that guy drinks some wine he can talk quite the blue streak!



My sewing machine. . . we have been almost inseparable these past few weeks. I had an outside job that I have been working on for someone, and I have been sewing a lot. . . skirts, and even a dress. . . more on that later.


These Fabulous pumps that I got for $5.00! SCORE! I don’t know where I am going to wear them. . . but they were $5!




Notebooks: I know, silly, but my brain does not retain a lot when it has a lot flying around in it. My secret weapon has become writing down whatever important fact I think of when I think of it so I don’t forget it. I have 2 little notebooks lying around. One is for random things (aka, what I need to do on the computer, things I need from Hobby Lobby, measurements, and other random notes) and the second is for literary things. Story ideas, plot points for my novel, quotes, and other such things.


And. . . last but definitely not least, The dress that I made myself. here is a sneak peak. I have never made a dress before, (well, not really) And I am so pleased as punch, I literally squealed like a little girl and jumped up and down, when I tried it on. You can see my excitement in the picture.




Today, I took a test in piano. They test me in four different areas of music. Performance, Aural awareness(aka listening), Technic and sight reading, and Theory. When I went in for my test, the judicator asked me how I was. I said fine, but felt like saying like Anne of Green Gables. “Well in body, but considerably rumpled in spirit thank you”  Thankfully I felt like I did an good job. Performance, ( my favorite part, I was blessed to be able to play on a Steinway Grand piano! Eek! I was in heaven and would loved to have done it over again for the pure joy of playing on such a marvelous instrument. I literally feel like I played it better on that piano than I did on our Keyboard. 


Well, anyway, what are some of your favorite things this month?


By His Grace,


One thought on “Friday Favorites March 2015

  1. A two times in one week visit to you gals was the highlight of my month! Getting leaner and stronger thanks to your mama’s guidance. Lenten study with She Reads Truth…some of this stuff is just so, so inspiring, i can hardly stand it.


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