What I Made: My First Dress

Okay, so honest moment, this isn’t my really my First dress. I made one last summer and was so upset, because everyone says when working with a pattern, “Always follow the measurements, not your size.” I did, and It was swimming on me! Ugh! I was near tears! Correction, I was in tears. When you put that much work into something, (and money, cause fabric is not cheep) and it doesn’t work out and you can’t wear it. . . I Mean, dresses are hard! At least they were to me, as I had never made one.

But this one. . . Having had size disasters in the past, I decided to just go with my size and make a mock dress out of an old bed sheet so I could see if it fit. IT did! Happy dance! I was going to buy fabric for it, then remembered a cut of vintage floral material I had bought on ebay last year. I went and pulled it out and there was enough! The zipper was a first for me too but it turned out great!


And, just in time for Easter! We are having a family party at our house this year and I am thrilled that I have something “Easter Sunday Worthy” to wear this year!







I put it on halfway through, no zipper in yet and I was ecstatic! I have always dreamed of a dress like this! And I put on my new heels and felt like I had just stepped out of a 50’s Magazine!



So now, without further more ado, here is the finished dress!









The Vintage print just makes me jump up and down inside!



Probably a bit over-proud of the zipper, but it is my first with good results. Let me tell you a zipper foot for the sewing machine makes all the difference in the world!



I feel like the happiest girl in the world! I finally have a gorgeous dress that fits me right, and I made it all myself!

3 thoughts on “What I Made: My First Dress

  1. It is even prettier ON you than it was on the hanger! I love vintage…and this is just such a beautiful spring-like fabric. I am a teensy bit jealous!


  2. Lovely fabric! And dress, of course, that goes without saying. And I know what you mean about when a project goes wrong…


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