What I Made: Double Daisy Circle Skirt


Oh My goodness! I am so sorry that I look so awkward in these pictures! We took them downtown at the St. Cecelia’s Music Center which is where I have preformed piano. There were people walking by and I felt kind of nervous having them watching me while we were taking pics. Ugh. Any who!





This skirt was so fun! I had the fabric for, like, forever and I never could think of something to do with it. My Mom had originally bought it in 19 ninety something to make herself a jumper out of it. . . ahhh the old days. I could never picture making anything else out of it and just thought it was so dated. Well, it would have been if it was a jumper. Then I had the brilliant idea to make a skater/circle skirt out of it!!! Now I love it! It is a double circle, meaning that I cut out two circles worth of fabric, then gathered it at the waist. The waistband is just elastic. I figured I would always wear a belt anyway. I made it a little too loose on accident so now I really do have to wear a belt, or it wouldn’t sit at my actual waist. I really love how it turned out though!





In this picture I am laughing because someone walked by and he had the same exact camera as we did! So funny!





For my hair I did two little braids on the sides and a messy bun with my new favorite trick. Then, I laid the braids crosswise over the bun.




Outfit Details:

Tank: ModBod $13.99

Vest: Cato’s – gift

Skirt: Made by Me

Belt: thrifted – $1.99

Flip-Flops: Flojoh’s Costco – $10

Earrings: Jewels by Julia

Necklaces: one was a gift and the other was Add to Beauty

Bracelets: Gordman’s – $2.99, Thrifted – $2



By His Grace,


#1outfit3ways Day 3

Hooray! The final day! This has been a blast! Thanks so much to Ashley at Bramblewood Fashion for hosting this event! It has been my first experience in such things and it has been fun! A might challenging to find three different ways to wear the same dress but it made me come up with new things and now I feel like I will get the most out of this dress with some great new ways to style it! 







Today was a rainy day so the umbrella wasn’t just a fun prop, but an important part of the shoot. My glasses kept getting drips on them and then I go cross eyed trying not to look at the drops on the glass a mere inch from my eyes. Have you ever, while driving in the rain focused on the raindrops on the windshield instead of the road? It is the same dizzy feeling. Smile





I love the red color with this dress! The navy makes it pop, plus it is such a classy look. I went for more of a formal/evening out type of look. I just wish that I had true red earrings to make the outfit perfect. But now I know, and they are on my shopping list! the nude pumps add such a fun level of sophistication and I almost never wear heals so I feel so dressed up whenever I put them on.




Outfit details:

Dress: Made by Me $15

Belt: Walmart $2.50

Nude Pumps: $11 Walmart

Bracelets: Gordman’s $5

Earrings: Jewels by Julia


Check out the previous days here!

Day 1

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I would have to say that outfit no. 3 and no.  2 were my faves. I am leaning more towards 2 right now though.

What about you? Which one was your favorite?


By His Grace,



#1outfit3ways Day 2

Day two of the outfit 3 ways challenge hosted by Ashley! I love this combo! Mint/turquoise is one of my favorite colors EVER! And with the navy it makes it look so cute! I am just thrilled with how this outfit turned out! Did I mention I love Turquoise? And Lace is also one of my favorite things in the whole wide world! “These are a few of my favorite things! La la la la la!” (cue the music and the fancy opera voice) Smile





I am also happy with how my hair turned out. Here is a simple trick ladies. Side braids make super fabulous side updos if you just twirl them into a bun shape. Goes from casual to classy with a simple twist and some bobby pins.









Outfit Details:

Dress: Made by Me for $15

Lace Cardi: Charlotte Russe $gift

Mint Bubble Necklace: Walmart $5

Bracelet: $2.50

Earrings: Jewels by Julia

Turquoise Sandals: Meijer $12



Check out Day one here

What is one of your favorite colors?


 By His Grace,



#1outfit3ways Day 1

I am so happy to be participating in Ashley’s (from Bramblewood Fashion, one of my fave fashion blogs) Blog event.


The “outfit” that I chose was this Navy and White Gingham dress that I made myself. I love it so much! Finding Modest, Pretty dresses that are flattering to my body shape can be a bit difficult on a budget. The natural answer to this dilemma was to make myself one being an aspiring seamstress. After my first attempt went horribly wrong. . . (you can read about that here) I was loathe to try again, but finally did and I am so happy I persevered. This dress fits the bill in more that the literal sense. Smile 


I went for more of casual look, hence the denim vest. I love pulling it out of my closet when I want to tone down and outfit that might look to dressy. It is one of my secret weapons! The more simple jewelry and plain flip-flops make it look more carefree and simple.






Dress: Made by me $15

Flip Flops: Flojoh’s $10 from Costco

Vest: Cato’s $gift

Earrings: Jewels by Julia

Necklace: Antique Market $8


What is a trick you like to use to make an outfit look more casual?

By His Grace,





Oh Hello Again! + Bohemian Outfit

  I am sure you are wondering where I disappeared to these past few months. . . Well, our family went through a long bought of sickness, I’ll spare you the details, but there was at least one member of our family sick for 6 weeks straight! Ugh! Some of us are still recovering.

Summer season is in full swing here in Michigan, although sometimes the weather can’t quite make up its mind. One day 48* and others 84*. I have had a lot of fun pulling out my summer things one by one and delving into summer fashion! Our swimming pool is open and Mama has even gone to the beach once with a friend! Our Summer Antique Markets that we participate in and sell at have started. We have had a blast meeting new people and sharing Christ to customers.


Over the last few months, some fun things have been happening! I got a part time job working for my Mama’s cousin, sewing reflective light vests. The are super cool and I am enjoying the new experience of working for someone else. I could not be happier and it is a really cool job!


I have had the AWESOME opportunity to go and visit my sweet friend and fellow blogger Julia! Her and her family were such a blast to hang out with! It was so fun to get to hang out with and “older sister” and do a bunch of girly things! The first day with her we just hung out and chatted and I was the first one to read part of her new book DIAMOND, which was awesome I must say. More on that later. The second day we went shopping in the morning and the prepared for her Fantabulous Birthday Party that was that night! It was so fun! And gorgeous! she sure knows how to throw a beautiful party! The next day, we were tired so we hung out, watched Emma by BBC, and some of an old TV show Scarecrow and Mrs. King.  So cute. That night my bro, (who was helping my grandparents pack, they lived close to the Erickson’s) came and we played games until 10:00 PM! It was a blast. We said our sad goodbyes and then my brother and I traveled home with my Grandparents who were moving from GA to MI. It was my first time flying and I had so much fun! I felt so blessed that God would allow the trip. Every little thing just fell into place and took each and every little thing as a gift from him. From the fact that the trip happened on Julia’s birthday, to safe travel, to just getting to live with her for three days, I just was so wowed by how awesome our God is! Seeing Him in the “little things” is important and makes me see how much He loves us!


This Sunday, I decided to wear this pretty new top that I got from where else? a Thrift store and I paired it with a denim skirt and some bohemian jewelry and hairstyle. If someone asked me what my personal style was, I would probably say that I am a mix of Classic and Bohemian. My brothers all tease me because I love wearing a ton of bracelets! Boys. They just don’t understand these things, ya’ know?










Top: Forever 21 brand $3.99 thrifted

Skirt: Hand-me-down. Altered by me.

Bracelets: Thrifted $1, chevron bracelet made by me.

Necklace: AddtoBeauty.com They are currently running a clearance on all of their necklace charms and chains. $2 deals! Go check them out! I really love the necklace and charms that I got from them!

Cami: Forever 21 – $1.98


One of my hopes with this blog is to encourage girls (and ladies) that they can dress modestly, femininely, and frugally with ease, and still look fabulous!


 What is something you have seen God’s hand in recently?

How would you describe your personal fashion?


By His Grace,