#1outfit3ways Day 1

I am so happy to be participating in Ashley’s (from Bramblewood Fashion, one of my fave fashion blogs) Blog event.


The “outfit” that I chose was this Navy and White Gingham dress that I made myself. I love it so much! Finding Modest, Pretty dresses that are flattering to my body shape can be a bit difficult on a budget. The natural answer to this dilemma was to make myself one being an aspiring seamstress. After my first attempt went horribly wrong. . . (you can read about that here) I was loathe to try again, but finally did and I am so happy I persevered. This dress fits the bill in more that the literal sense. Smile 


I went for more of casual look, hence the denim vest. I love pulling it out of my closet when I want to tone down and outfit that might look to dressy. It is one of my secret weapons! The more simple jewelry and plain flip-flops make it look more carefree and simple.






Dress: Made by me $15

Flip Flops: Flojoh’s $10 from Costco

Vest: Cato’s $gift

Earrings: Jewels by Julia

Necklace: Antique Market $8


What is a trick you like to use to make an outfit look more casual?

By His Grace,





6 thoughts on “#1outfit3ways Day 1

  1. I love this gingham dress on you! The denim really does “casual-ize” it, as do the flip flops. I am jealous over your sewing skills!


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