#1outfit3ways Day 3

Hooray! The final day! This has been a blast! Thanks so much to Ashley at Bramblewood Fashion for hosting this event! It has been my first experience in such things and it has been fun! A might challenging to find three different ways to wear the same dress but it made me come up with new things and now I feel like I will get the most out of this dress with some great new ways to style it! 







Today was a rainy day so the umbrella wasn’t just a fun prop, but an important part of the shoot. My glasses kept getting drips on them and then I go cross eyed trying not to look at the drops on the glass a mere inch from my eyes. Have you ever, while driving in the rain focused on the raindrops on the windshield instead of the road? It is the same dizzy feeling. Smile





I love the red color with this dress! The navy makes it pop, plus it is such a classy look. I went for more of a formal/evening out type of look. I just wish that I had true red earrings to make the outfit perfect. But now I know, and they are on my shopping list! the nude pumps add such a fun level of sophistication and I almost never wear heals so I feel so dressed up whenever I put them on.




Outfit details:

Dress: Made by Me $15

Belt: Walmart $2.50

Nude Pumps: $11 Walmart

Bracelets: Gordman’s $5

Earrings: Jewels by Julia


Check out the previous days here!

Day 1

Day 2


I would have to say that outfit no. 3 and no.  2 were my faves. I am leaning more towards 2 right now though.

What about you? Which one was your favorite?


By His Grace,



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