What I Made: Double Daisy Circle Skirt


Oh My goodness! I am so sorry that I look so awkward in these pictures! We took them downtown at the St. Cecelia’s Music Center which is where I have preformed piano. There were people walking by and I felt kind of nervous having them watching me while we were taking pics. Ugh. Any who!





This skirt was so fun! I had the fabric for, like, forever and I never could think of something to do with it. My Mom had originally bought it in 19 ninety something to make herself a jumper out of it. . . ahhh the old days. I could never picture making anything else out of it and just thought it was so dated. Well, it would have been if it was a jumper. Then I had the brilliant idea to make a skater/circle skirt out of it!!! Now I love it! It is a double circle, meaning that I cut out two circles worth of fabric, then gathered it at the waist. The waistband is just elastic. I figured I would always wear a belt anyway. I made it a little too loose on accident so now I really do have to wear a belt, or it wouldn’t sit at my actual waist. I really love how it turned out though!





In this picture I am laughing because someone walked by and he had the same exact camera as we did! So funny!





For my hair I did two little braids on the sides and a messy bun with my new favorite trick. Then, I laid the braids crosswise over the bun.




Outfit Details:

Tank: ModBod $13.99

Vest: Cato’s – gift

Skirt: Made by Me

Belt: thrifted – $1.99

Flip-Flops: Flojoh’s Costco – $10

Earrings: Jewels by Julia

Necklaces: one was a gift and the other was Add to Beauty

Bracelets: Gordman’s – $2.99, Thrifted – $2



By His Grace,


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