DIY Skirt to Pillows Tutorial

DIY Thrift Store Pillows


So What started this whole venture is I had this skirt that I LOVED the fabric it was made out of, but it didn’t really fit me right and I never wore it. So I decided to make a pillow out of it! It is the one all the way to the left. So this gave me the idea and I went thrift store shopping. I came home with 2 skirts, a dress and 2 pillows for under $14. Are you ready? Here we go!



First you want to eliminate any gathers your skirt or dress has. Cut off the waistband or bodice leaving you with this.




Cut a nearly perfect square. Don’t worry about it too much. I just eyeballed it. We can fix any less than straight lines when we sew.




If the skirt or dress came with a lining, I would recommend using it in your pillow. Super thin pillows aren’t that attractive. So if you are using a lining, cut them the same size as your fabric squares.




Next, You are going to lay your lining pieces on the wrong side of the fabric on both squares. Then, place the sandwiched pieces together, right sides together.



Pin in Place




Sew all around the edge leaving a small opening about the width of your hand to put the stuffing in. I sew mine like this, so that when you close the pillow later, you don’t have to worry about the corners.




Snip corners and trim edges.



Now, Turn your pillow right side out! Look how nice! Pat yourself on the back!  From Here I like to iron all of the seams nice and flat, Paying special attention to the opening. Pressing it so it matches the rest of the seams.



Now for the STUFFING! I got my stuffing from the aforementioned pillows. I cut them opened and stole the fluffing from inside. Shhh. .  don’t tell anyone. Much cheaper than buying fluffing from a craft store.



After stuffing the pillow, I lay the edges of the opening nice and flat and either hand stich them shut, or use the machine. These I handstitched. There is less room for error that way. Using the machine can be tricky because you are going to be fighting the pillow trying to keep it flat under the foot of the machine. No thanks.



TA DA!!!! You are all done! Now have fun Sewing!






Which one is your favorite?

Do you have some things in your closet that would make great pillows?

By His Grace,


What I made: Feather Dress

Hello Lovelies!!! I am so happy with this dress! I was walking through the fabric section of Hobby Lobby and about swooned in the aisle when I say this print! I love the feathers!



My Heels got stuck in between the boards!! LOL! Cracked me and my photographer up!




I modified the pattern and made myself pockets!!! I don’t know what it is, but when a dress or skirt has pockets. . . I flip! I just think they are so cool and convenient!




It was one of THOSE hair days so I did a messy bun and had to wear a headband. Love my blue earrings! Thanks Julia!



Zipper detail at the back.




We had this super cool reel from a farmer down the road. I have taken pics with it before but it was different climbing the round thing in heels! To be honest, it took me a few minutes to get used to them. They are the highest that I own and I am not very used to wearing them. Smile (sheepish grin)





Outfit Details:

~ Dress ~ Made by Me ~ $18 for the fabric

~ Shoes ~ Georges from Walmart ~ $5 on Clearance

~ Earrings ~ Jewels by Julia

~ Headband ~ Hobby Lobby ~ $4



So what do you think? Do you like the feathers?


By His Grace,


Happy 4th of July! 2015

Happy Fourth of July Ladies!!!!


I am so thankful for the freedom we have in this good old country of the USA! Just like any country, we are made up of humans who are just that, humans, who will fail, sin, and wander away from the Lord. But. . . Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom! So sing it from the rooftops! The Lord Reigns!


I saw this super fun idea to paint a t-shirt in the pattern of the American flag! I had a white t-shirt, so I thought I would give it a try!


This DIY project was so fun and easy! Thank you Joshua and Pinterest! Joshy hooked up his computer to the Silhouette machine and cut me a bunch of stars out of contact paper so it was sticky on one side. Joshua, who is really good at doing perfect things measure out all of the distances between stars and stuck them to the shirt.




 Then I painted over top of the stars with Mama’s Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I used the Napoleanic Blue color.



Peeling the stickers off was so gratifying. . .*grin*


Next, was I taped off all of the stripes. Joshua, being so smart pointed out that the stripe directly underneath the stars is supposed to be white. I painted it red. . . Hmmmm. . .





TAAA—DAAAA!!!! *boom!* do you hear the fireworks?



So her is the day’s outfit!!



Can you tell that I am geeked about my shirt?!?!






//Outfit Details//

~ Flag shirt. . . bought from Walmart but decorated by me

~ Skirt: Hand-me-down

~ Flip-flops: Flojoh’s from Costco $10

~ Earrings: Jewels by Julia

~ Necklace: Add to Beauty I picked this one because it reminded me of a flying eagle. . . Smile


Well, once all of the girls saw my finished shirt they all begged me to make them one. I couldn’t say no. . . So fun! 


A picture of my photographer! Sweet Isabella!






By His Grace,