DIY Notebook to Journal Tutorial

Hello Lovelies! Back with another Partner Post with Julia from Julia’s Journal! It is the DIY category! SO FUN!

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Today I decided to do a Composition Notebook to Fabulous Journal tutorial! These are soooooo easy and look fabulous when done. There is something so inspiring about a pretty notebook. It just MAKES you want to write in it! Not to mention they are very inexpensive. Journals can cost quite a bit. I have written a journal and stories since I could write, I am always kind of surprised by how much they are. I mean they are just lined paper and a pretty cover right? I’m a bit on the cheep side. Take it from a girl who just purchased her first expensive journal this year from Barnes and Nobles. It is a beautiful Leather beauty but I couldn’t have done it if someone hadn’t gifted me with a giftcard there. I digress. Let’s get to it!




~ 2 sheets of 12×12” paper. You can use 8.5×11” too.

~ 2 pieces of Cardstock. Black or white. I had black today. Smile

~ 1 Composition Book

~ Glue Sticks (at least 2)

~ 4 Binder Clips or Clothespins (both work great! But if you are using clothes pins, I like to use twice as many.)

~ Paper cutter (you can use scissors for this the cuter just makes it easier)

~ Scissors


And that’s it! Let’s Create!



 ~ Instructions ~

  Start off by cutting your paper to 12×9” (you can also use a 8.5×11”)




Next, glue your paper tight against the black binding of the composition notebook centering it as best as you can eyeballing it.



Rub it really well!!!!!! You don’t want the sides coming up.



Do this to both sides! Make sure you put lots of glue right next to the binding. That is the most important part.



Now open it up. This is what is should look like.



Fold the corners in nice and tight. Glue them down.



I use a pen to score the sides against the notebook. This allows it to fold nice and neat with no mistakes.



Like so!



Now, glue that flap down nice and tight. Don’t be afraid of wasting the glue. The more the merrier!



Do this to the tops of the notebook as well. Scoring, Folding, and Gluing. Now is when you use the clips. It holds the paper down so that it gets a chance to dry.



Do this to both sides. TA DA! Looking good!



Now for the Cardstock. Cut the first sheet directly in half.



Apply glue liberally!



Center if over the paper on the inside. The pretty paper will create a pretty frame around the the cardstock. Make it as even as possible. Do this to both sides.



Take your second sheet of cardstock and measure it against the notebook length wise. Mark where to cut. Cut along the line you marked.



Cut two strips 1.5 to 2” wide.



You are going to glue these against the sides of the notebook paper. Front and back.







Super pretty and chic. Write away lovelies!



* Tips and Tricks *

~ Use lots of glue! Don’t do it sparingly. As you can see from the above picture it started to peel because I didn’t use enough glue. Repeat. LOTS OF GLUE

~ Keep your notebook closed for a while when you are done to give it a chance to dry properly. I sometimes even clip it closed.

~ Make sure you admire your work! Smile


What do you think? Is this something you would try? If you do, I would love to hear from you in the comment’s section or by email. I would love to see pictures!


Check out Julia’s DIY post here! She is so creative and I can’t wait to see what she made!


By His Grace,


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