Elfin Fairy Princess Dress



 I found this dress on a rack at a local thrift store and scored it for $2. (SWOON!) I haven’t gotten a chance to wear it until recently. it needed a little bit of altering in the waist as it was slightly too large. Also, for some reason I didn’t really like it at first. I put it on to go to my nieces princess themed party. I felt like a princess myself! I kept swirling in front of the mirror and outside in the grass! I figured out how the ties on the side of the waist go and it just added that much more prettiness to it! I felt like a fairy princess!




When I got home from the party, I put on my floral crown I had made for Senior pics last year. (happy sigh) I want to be in a fairy tale now! My little sis went outside to take pictures for me and she did a beautiful job. The willows under which the pictures were taken added the perfect ambience. I love it!





The tie detail on the waist.







 The cherry on top was that I found the same dress on pinterest and followed the link. It was originally over $25! SCORE! here is the pic I saw! Isn’t that the coolest!

dress blog

                                           Picture credit goes to fullchic.com


Outfit Details:

~ Dress ~ Thrifted $2 same here

~ Flower Crown ~ Made by me supplies cost $5

~ Cami ~ Forever 21 $1.90


What do you think of this dress? Have you ever found an article of clothing that made you feel beautiful and special?


By His Grace,


Photography Cred goes to Isabella Photography

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