Bohemian Chic



Today I wanted to share one of my favorite outfits ever! You know the question that is like “describe your style in 3 words” ? I always have a hard time with those questions! I always think “three words! That’s it?! How am I supposed to do that?” I apparently have a very diverse style. It really depends on my mood. Sometimes I am a super classy gal, sometimes I am in a “free spirit, bohemian” mood. And sometimes I am in a prairie chic, or a vintage mood. Rule of thumb for me is, If I love something, I will wear it. That is kind of my thing right now. I LOVE the BOHO look and I always make my family laugh because I wear lots of bracelets. What can I say? You only live once and Bangles and bracelets make me happy!








I just love how this outfit turned out! I wore a pair of jeans and one of my tunic tops because the boho fringe top is a little short for my standards when paired with jeans. My hair had been braided overnight and was wavy, so I just recurled a few of the pieces around my face and put in my feather and bead clip in! I then, put on a lot of bracelets. (I won’t tell you that I am only wearing about 1/4 of my stash of bangles and bracelets Smile)


Outfit Details:

~ Fringe Top ~ Cato’s $gift

~ Striped Tunic Tank ~ $2 handmedown.

~Jeans ~ Old Navy $7 on clearance

~ Bracelets ~ Thrifted 1.99,, Walmart, $3.88 Handmade, and flea market $2

~ Necklace/watch ~ $5 from antique market

~ Earrings ~ Made by me from Hobby Lobby $3

~ Feather Extension clip ~ $1 from Five Below

~Cami ~ Forever 21


How would you describe your style in 3 words? Could you?

Do you like the Bohemian look?


By His Grace,


One thought on “Bohemian Chic

  1. There might (or might not!) be over 40 years age difference between the two of us, but I am so much like you, style wise, it is almost scary! I feel like I have several “personalities” when it comes to my taste in clothing. Classic, granny chic, hippy, boho, casual, and farmgirl in my bib overalls. Depends on my mood that day!
    And I am the teensiest bit jealous over your bangle collection … just sayin’.


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