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Life has been busy lately. But when is it ever NOT busy? Smile In this season of life I have been just happy to hang out and enjoy what God has for me day to day. It has not always been so. I have been discontented and always searching for the next best thing. Wanting to do more, be more, create more. God kind of gave me a word this year and it was “wait”. So instead of trying to make something new happen, I have been learning to just wait and enjoy what happens day to day. Here are some of those “day to day” moments.



Our garden has been producing TONS of tomatoes! Did I say TONS? Like, we cannot keep up with them! We have canned quite a few, and when we ran out of jars, we started freezing them. There are still several bushes that need to be cleaned of their fruit in the garden. It is quite the production. All of us working together to peel, cut, cook, can, and freeze. Did I mention clean-up? There is always a clean up job to do!




Working on a dress for my little sis! My “little” brother is graduating and she has wanted a dress for a while! It is her birthday present! Happy Birthday Belle!



I had lots of bread to make for a customer and some to put in our own freezer. 3 batches and 15 loaves later the kitchen smelled fabulous and I couldn’t resist tasting some Raisin Cinnamon Whole Wheat Homemade Bread! Still warm with butter on it???? OH MY WORD! IT tasted great!




Boatloads of Tomatoes! Anyone want some? LOL!



Our mama cat had kittens! Sweet little fluffy balls of cuddliness.



Look at this sweetie! This is Lottie and she is the sweetest kitten! She loves attention and it is so fun to play with her.




Our raspberry plants are producing their last fall Hurrah! Fun to walk by and just snack on a few! There aren’t that many, just enough for a treat every now and then.




My little brother, Elijah put Lottie in my apron pocket and she fell asleep while I walked around. Cutie!



Lacto-Fermented Saur Kraut going on the hutch counter! This stuff is so yummy ya’ll!!!! I love it! I eat it with a grilled turkey/cheese sandwich for lunches and, with, well anything else I need some Veggies with. I will probably share the recipe here eventually! Tastes great and is so GOOD for you! Win win!



Fishtail braid and pretty new necklace from my sweet friend Julia! Thanks Jewels! I love it!



My “time to go shopping outfit” I have really been loving pulling out my cowboy boots to wear now. Because fall is on it’s way (despite the fact it was 85* her in Michigan this week) wearing boots is permissible. I will miss the effortlessness of flip flops though. (pouty face)



What have you been busy with lately?


By His Grace,


DIY Coconut Oil Hair Mask


My Hair was starting to get pretty dry so I decided to try something that is all the rave on the internet! The Coconut Oil Hair Mask.

As you can see it is quite dry. Egh! These are the before pictures. It is also frizzy because I just brushed it.






So I put a bunch of coconut oil all in my hair. I know, weird right? But, hey, a girls gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!






I then combed it through thoroughly before putting it up in a bun for the afternoon.






After the afternoon was over, I washed my hair per normal. It took a few washes to get all of the oil out, but it finally looked normal. These are the after pictures. I liked what it did to my hair. It felt so much more natural and soft after the mask. It still looks kind of frizzy here, but it wasn’t really. I probably wouldn’t do my whole head in Coconut oil again. Too much work to get it all off my scalp. I will definitely be applying it to my ends on occasion to help give them some moisture and softness.



I would recommend not applying all over the scalp, I think I would do it over night or maybe even longer as well. Once it was in a bun, it didn’t really look like I had just slathered Oil all over my hair. It actually looked ok, like I wouldn’t mind going out in public with the Mask on. LOL. Smile

What about you? Have you ever tried a Coconut Oil Hair Mask? Do you have any tips or tricks for me?


By His Grace,




Outfit Post: Fall Neutrals


I really love this outfit! This maxi skirt has been hanging in my closet just waiting to be worn, but it has been a little too warm for a long knit maxi, plus, I wasn’t sure what color to pair with it. The skirt is so long, I had to roll the waistband down twice so it wasn’t dragging on the ground. Smile I took inspiration from the colors of fall for this outfit. The skirts olivey color really makes me think of fall.



I really love fall. The colors, the cooler weather (let’s be honest, I really am not a huge fan of being hot), the fun events we have as traditions in our family. We always go Apple picking as a family, it doesn’t take us long to pick about 8 bushels of apples when you have about 14 people picking! We bring a picnic dinner and eat at the farm. Always a special time, and the when my oldest brother and sister in law and their three kiddos join, us it is quite a party! Something else we do in the fall is have a big Barn Sale! Mama’s furniture and décor items, and I get to make winter themed stuff, ear warmers, hats, scarves. I am so looking forward to it!



I felt so pretty in this outfit! The skirt is just the perfect cut. Not too straight and nice and flowy. So feminine feeling.







Outfit Details:

~ Skirt ~ $9.99

~ Tie Top ~ $2.99 from a thrift store

~ Cami ~ $1.98 from Forever 21

~ Midi Ring~ $1 from Forever 21

~ Sunglasses ~ borrowed from my Mom

~ Necklace ~ an Antique market, designer, $7

~ Hat ~ $15.80 from Forever 21


What do you like about fall?


By His Grace,



Recent Purchase Haul


* I am not being paid for any of the opinions or views expressed in this post. These are my honest opinions and I am sharing the links for your benefit, not the benefit of the companies. *




So I have had a few things that I purchased recently and I though I would share them with ya’ll! I almost never buy anything from Forever 21, only the cami’s because they are the only ones that I have found that work for me or are inexpensive enough to fit my budget. But I have wanted a few hats like these and never could decide on purchasing them full price. I needed to order cami’s so I found these on their site and decided to buy them. I have wanted hats like these for a year or two now. Here are my purchases!


This hat is first. It is a floppy brimmed wool hat! I love it! Perfect for fall and I already have worn it once! You can buy it here. $15.80


I love this one! I call it my Indiana Jones hat! I just wish I could mold the brim a little so that it would stay in this position! LOL! I love it though! You can see it here. I got it for $15.80 after deductions.



This next item was not from forever 21, it was from Meijer, and I love it! It is perfect for what I wanted! I use it for layering under shirts or tops that are too short for me to comfortably wear them with jeans. I wore it to a baseball game with my game tee and jeans. It was super comfortable and I was grateful for the extra coverage! I will do an outfit with it soon! I think I will get another, it is so useful! I got it on clearance for $10.18



I got these Midi rings from Forever 21 for $5.01. You can see them here. I really like them, and they were a treat for me. I really love the bigger one on my pinkie. I am kinda scared with midi rings that I will lose them, but I still enjoy them!




This Beret was $8.01 after the deductions, (I had a 15% off coupon). I am sorta on the fence about it. I am not sure I like it. I could be wearing it wrong too though. What do you think? I really like the color! You can see it here.



Then, I got my normal order of Cami’s. I have been waiting for these for, like, forever! They were out of stock for quite a while and mine were getting pretty worn. Unfortunately they were out of white so I will have to wait on that. ARGH! I got ivory instead to tide me over. Hopefully I can get by because it will be fall now, so I won’t need the lighter colors. You can find them here for the record price of $1.98.



I got this brush from I am cognizant of natural hair care, and I saw a youtuber recommend this brush. I got it and tried it out. It doesn’t make my hair as frizzy or destroy it like a normal plastic brush does. It was actually quite inexpensive as far as brushes go. $11.80  you can see it here. I really like it and the wood is really pretty!



Wearing some of my purchases and a sneak peak of an upcoming outfit post!



I bought some fabric from Hobby Lobby because it was on sale, so I bought ahead. The Duck Cloth goes on sale rarely, so when it did, I snatched some up. I got zippers to match and I plan on making a wallet and Messenger Bag out of each. My favorite is the purpley one and the plum colored one.



I bought these a while ago, but I still thought I would share. I absolutely LOVE these wrap bracelets from They are adorable and fit in perfectly with the bohemian look I like so much. AND, they are always running FABULOUS sales! For instance, here is a link to their Pinterest sale. I wear these all the time! I think I got them for $6 a piece after the coupon and including shipping.



I got these super cute boots from Costco for $14.99. I love them! They are adorable! I really wanted a knock off of HUNTER boots, but couldn’t find any. These rain boots are just what I needed and I think they are neutral enough to go with my outfits. They are so comfortable inside! Fully lined with soft furry like material. My feet just sigh with relief when I put the boots on. So nice! I think I score big with these beauties!



My last purchase! Cinderella Bluray! I cannot wait to see it again! We are going to watch it this week for my little sis’s birthday. I really liked this movie! You can check out my thoughts on it here!



What are some things you have purchased recently?


By His Grace,


Fall Outfit Inspiration Pt 2

Hello Ladies! Here is the second installment of my Fall Outfit Inspiration! This post is focused on the more casual look I am wanting to wear. Jeans or Leggings and Bulky sweaters or tunics.



I love this first one. The Burgundy color is one of my favorites! I am still on the lookout for a burgundy sweater! I got a beret that color and it really is my color. According to all of those Pinterest color charts and what a few of my family members and friends said, Fall colors suit me. This happens to be one of the best for my skin tone and eye color. The boots, the scarf, the sweater. Sigh.





This gal is super cute and has a lot of adorable outfits! I really love this tunic! The color is adorable and the cut just so cute! It has my name and style written all over it. Girly, lacy and ruffly. I probably won’t find one like it but a girl can dream right?

fall post 5



The top would need to be longer in this outfit for my standards, however I love the look. Something about denim, camel cardigan and floral scarf makes me happy! Boot socks and boots! So pretty!




I follow this gals blog as well and I really like some of her style. The plaid blanket scarf, sweater (which I have one very similar, jeans and boots is such a cute effortless look! Definitely will be wearing a similar outfit this fall!~




Adore everything about this outfit! SOOOOOOO cute! The dress, the boots, the scarf and hat! Eek! I will go for a little less of a heel on my boots, but I really love the lace on the bottom of the dress and the dress is so cute. I am going to attempt to make a dress similar! Denim jacket always makes everything better! With leggings, I do believe I will be wearing an outfit very similar to this!




These sweaters/Jumpers are so pretty and I hope to find some similar. Although because we heat with a wood stove, the house gets REALLY warm in the winter. Sometimes, I just wear a t shirt on top, that’s how hot it gets! Plus, I am a warm blooded girl!




Can I just say that this tunic top is so adorbs!  Will probably be making one in the near future! I just think it is so pretty. Probably because I am on a bohemian rampage right now! And the booties!




I just love this outfit. The pretty floral feminine tunic and slouchy sweater. And riding boots! Picture perfect! I love it!



I am really looking forward to the cooler weather and warmer clothes. Although right now, the temp has gone back up to mid 80’s. So it might be a little while yet. Smile Soon and very soon though my friends!


What is something you can’t wait to wear for fall?

Do you like cooler weather?


By His Grace,


Fall Outfit Inspiration Part 1

~Disclaimer ~ None of these picture are mine. I am giving credit to the original owners of the pictures by linking to the pin on pinterest. ~


Leaves turning colors, cooler weather, apples to pick, and jackets and boots to pull out of storage.I love Fall and all the special things it has to offer. I almost can’t wait to get to wear warmer clothes. I am a warm blooded person so I really like the cooler weather. Heat and me are only ok. Fall is on it’s way and I have been doing something unusual for me this summer. Planning ahead. Haha! I don’t do this very often, but I was thinking ahead on what I want to wear this fall. My style has been evolving somewhat the last few years as I have gotten more mature. I have been purging like crazy this year! So onto part one of my fall style for 2015


I really love the look of the high-waisted skirts with tights or leggings and boots or (and I am really into right now) Oxfords. I really like both the flat ones as well as the heeled! so cute! Here are some examples of the different oxford shoes I like. Left/flats Middle/booties Right/heeled. Click on the pictures for links.

fall post11fall post10fall post7



Here are some examples of outfits I love and will try to emulate.


I really like the plaid skirt! Plaid is one of my favorite things! I have always been drawn to it on the thrift store racks. I had too many plaid blouses for my own good! LOL! I will say now though that Plaid skirts are hard to find at thrift stores! I have been looking for years and only come across a few and they haven’t fit. I am still on the hunt and will probably resort to online shopping. I will probably try ebay. I can sometimes find what I am looking for there. Also, this outfit features something else that I like a lot. Cardigans! They are awesome! Great for layering and I wear them all the time!

fall post 4

(Source: here)



This outfit is so adorable! Again, it features plaid in the scarf. I plan on making some plaid blanket scarves for the fall and winter months. They are uber popular right now! The blouse and Solid colored skirt is really nice. The navy skirt is also something on my list that I haven’t found yet. I will probably make one if I can’t find one.

fall post 3

(Source: here)


Another High waisted skirt and blouse combo! I really like the pretty colors! This outfit would look great with oxfords!

fall post 2

(Source: here)


Another plaid skirt and oxford combo! LOVE IT! On my “to get: list is a Burgundy Cardigan as well.

fall post 1

(Source: here)


Last but not least! Another Solid colored High-waisted skirt with a plaid shirt. This one looks so classy. I love this! Would be great with boots.

fall post

(Source: here)


Click on the picture to go to my Fall pinterest board! I almost can’t wait to wear all these cute warmer clothes!

fall post6


What do you have planned for this fall? What are some of your favorite styles?


By His Grace,


#TeamSpirit! I like Football

Yup, you read that right! I am a football fan! Most people think it is strange when a girl likes football. For years, our family was split into two groups. Pro football, and the group that could care less. In other words, boys and girls. Every Sunday afternoon, Daddy and the boys would go downstairs and watch the University of Michigan Football game, and us girls would stay upstairs and read books. Several years ago, I started being interested in sports. It started with baseball and the Detroit Tigers. I learned all of the rules just by watching the games and asking Daddy questions galore. Poor thing. He had a lot of patience. Smile Next was football. We are all U of M fans and that runs back several generations. I am quite proud of my heritage and I really have fun watching the football games.


To show my team spirit I got myself a U of M shirt and I was so pumped! I wore it every game day! I had this skirt in my closet and never thought to pair it with the shirt until last fall. It is now my weekly outfit during the football season. Smile


I especially like College football. They have so much heart and drive to win. They aren’t getting paid to do what they do so they have a lot more reason to win. If they play good and keep their lives clean they can do what they love to do. Play football! Pro seems a little more snooty if you know what I mean. I will watch it though, because it is football. I am so excited that football season is here! I can’t wait to see what the season has in store! Go Blue! Hail to the Victors!!!! LOL!





 Outfit Details:

Skirt: $3 from thrift store, Old Navy brand

Shirt: Collegiate Licensed apparel $12 from Meijer

Cami: Forever 21 $1.98

Earrings: Jewels by Julia

Flip Flops: Flojo’s from Costco $10



Do you like football? Who is your favorite team? College or Pro?


By His Grace,