Boho Summer Outfit!




Summer is almost over. Sigh. It has been a wonderful summer and I enjoyed every bit of it! I enjoyed all of the Allegan Antique Market’s we participated in. Our Piano recital was a blast and I even got the opportunity to sing the National Anthem at a minor league baseball game! More on that later. I also started blogging here a lot more consistently. This was one of my favorite outfits this summer. I wore it quite a bit, and got lots of compliments on it!






Our garden turned out so great this year! Thanks to God for the perfect weather! We had cucumbers galore! Sweet corn that was so delicious! Flowers are my thing and I haven’t gotten to planting them because of busyness. I finally got to plant them this year! Zinnia’s, Nasturtiums, and Victoria Blue Salvia. I have had quite a few bouquets to enjoy in the house! I love my flowers!








I love this outfit! The skirt has the perfect amount of flowiness and the colors are so fun! The bracelet was a gift from my Nana who got it in Mexico and it just fit perfect with the outfit! I loved how my hair turned out this day. I had braided it overnight and it turned out curly in the morning. I added a hippie braid because my bangs were a bit wild! LOL!


 ~ Outfit Details ~

~ Blouse ~ Thrifted $3

~ Skirt ~ Thrifted $3.99

~ Cami ~ Forever 21 $1.98

~ Bracelet ~ gift

~ Flip Flops ~ Flojo’s from Costco $9.99

~Earrings ~ Garage Sale $1



What is your favorite thing that happened this summer?

Do you have a garden?

By His Grace,


One thought on “Boho Summer Outfit!

  1. I was able to hear you perform at the recital (incredible!), attended the Whitecaps game and watched you sing the anthem (also incredible!!!), and was able to reap some of the benefits of your flower gardens with a bag full of nasturtium petals!
    And I LOVE the outfit! Boho just seems to suit you, missy.


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