Friday Faves:Audio Drama/Big Announcement!!!!!


So Today (or tomorrow, depending on when you read this) Is World Audio Drama Day! Oh Happy Day! In case you missed my first post about this, check it out here, but Audio Drama is something that I really really enjoy!


So I am going to list a few of my favorites! Patience! The announcement will come soon!


I finally saved up enough to buy these wonderful Drama’s! Lamplighter Season 1 is amazing and I am already starting to save up for the next season! Great stories’ with great messages and awesomely produced! Nugh said!!!!



Me so happy with my drama’s!



I also just this week got this!!! I really like the Father Gilbert Mysteries! The content is a little more mature than just your average children’s radio show and was designed for older teens on up. They address a spiritual side of the world that most people generally stray away from and I found it quite captivating!

father gilbert


My audio drama library is slowly but surely growing! Be sure to check all of these Amazing Providers for Family Friendly and Christ Centered Audio Drama. Link Happy!

 Focus on the Family Radio Theatre

 Lamplighter Theatre

 Adventures in Odyssey (for younger listeners, but adults can enjoy it too, I do!)

 Jonathan Park

 Heirloom Audio

 The Brinkman Adventures

 Keys for Kids Radio (Red Rock Mysteries and Down Gilead Lane are awesome from these people!)


Also, be sure to check out my favorite podcast where they talk all about Family Friendly Audio Drama! My sister Sarah Grace and I were on the podcast this month interviewing the hosts! Check it out!


My Library shelf! This is only the half of it, I own more, but digitally, which is awesome if you want to save money on it.



Now for our BIG NEWS!


We have created our own Audio Drama and Website! ANNOUNCING . . .

 ICHTHUS family productions!

We have put a lot of work into this over the past few weeks with the goal that we would release it on World Audio Drama Day! Our goal was achieved! We are so excited! So, go browse around, listen to the Intro Episode of our new show, visit our about page and see what we hope to achieve with this!



Be sure to let us know what you think!


Do you like Audio Drama? What are your favorites?

By His Grace,


Victoria’s Library ~ Freckles


Welcome to a new Series on the blog! Victoria’s Library! I am a huge reader. Always have been since I could first sound out the word C-A-T. I whizzed through Phonics and Reading, they were my favorite subjects as a 1st grader. Then later, as I grew older, I couldn’t get my hands on enough  books! I was always on a ravenous search for something new to read. Because I read a lot, I am sure there were a lot of moments for my parents when they were pulling their hair out! They were very careful over what they let their children read. Back then, I didn’t always take it with grace and understanding, and there were a few arguments. I am grateful now for their protection! There are a lot of trashy and downright yucky books out there! From my love of reading, I have come naturally on a love of books! I collect them and am constantly on the lookout for a steal on some of my favorites. I search high and low at the thrift stores and in Antique stores for those forgotten treasures. I especially love old and antique books. Even the smell of a well preserved old book, with the yellowing pages and the feel of the spine in my hand. . . gives me goosebumps. Yah, I know, I am a bit of a nerd.


So the first book in this series is probably one of my most favorites in the whole wide world! Freckles by Gene Stratton Porter. Yes, I have two copies. Don’t judge.Open-mouthed smile 



Freckles is about a boy, with a maimed hand and a backstory no one knows. And when I say no one, I mean not even Freckles himself knows who he is or where he came from. All he knows, is that he grew up in an orphanage in the city, and when he became of age, he left and sought out work in the lumber camps of Mr. Mclean. Mclean took a liking to the boy, with his defiant, diligent and honest attitude and put him to work guarding an extremely valuable piece of the Limberlost forest.


Mclean gives Freckles many advantages and learns to love the boy. Treating him in many ways as his son. There is a little bit of jealousy amongst the crew as a result. While in the swamp one day, Freckles comes face to face with a beautiful girl whom he promptly names the “Swamp Angel”. She is a dearly sweet girl who brings the best out of Freckles. He helps her and a woman who studies the creatures of the swamp search for specimens and collect them.


Some of the trees Freckles is set to guard are so valuable that a trickster who used to work for Mclean desires them for himself and his gang. I won’t give away the ending because I hope you read it yourself. I especially love Gene Stratton Porter works because, intertwined in the beautiful story, is  a lot of natural history. It is done in such a tactful and interesting way that leaves me turning pages. The description of the animals, nature is so beautiful. The characters are so loveable, you are rooting for Freckles, adoring the Angel, feeling sympathy for Mclean and adoring a dear couple, the Duncans.


This book is such a lovely story and a wonderful addition to any library.  I was given this copy for my birthday last year after looking for one of the original Grosset and Dunlap editions for a long time! The illustrations are delightful, drawn into the margins of the book in such a whimsical way. It is a book I will treasure always and I love the story so much that I have read it at least a half a dozen times. If you read it, let me know what you think!


Have any of you read this book?

What do you think? Do you like the idea of the blog series?


By His Grace,


Workin’ Hard Outfit/Life



Life has been busy lately! Between my part time job, preparing for our Shop the Barn Boutique Sale, working on LED Light Vests, and Sewing for myself, I haven’t had much time for Outfit posts. Especially with the light leaving us sooner at night than before. It is hard to get pictures in when it is dark outside. This outfit is one of the ones I have been wearing lately while back and forth between the house and the garage where my sewing machine and work table are. The boots I got from Costco for a steal and I am glad I did. I wasn’t sure at first if I was going wear them much, but I have a ton! They are nice and warm out on the cold cement of the garage. Even with my heater, it can get a bit chilly.





The trees are all turning such gorgeous colors! This is the brightest tree in our yard and the little kids have been climbing in it and reading books while sitting in the branches. I used to do that. When I was smaller and had more time on my hands that is. These bright yellow leaves make me so happy when I look out on it. I do appreciate the drive to work every morning. About 20 min of admiring God’s handiwork in nature. Such vivid colors and variances of shades, It simply makes my heart sing to see them! I love the colors of fall! You know what it looks like right after it rains? The bark is dark from the water and just a little light shines through the clouds just a little on the colorful leaves. That was what it looked like several days ago after a rain storm. This tree was marvelous then too!




In the first picture, our kitten Lottie, was licking my chin and tickling me! She is such a fun pet. As she has gotten older, her little cat personality has come out. She loves to cuddle, but also has a playful side. She loves to bat at my earrings and sit on our shoulders.




One other thing I have been working on with my sister and family is a super big deal and will be an awesome surprise that I will share with you next week! Make sure to stay tuned! I will give you a hint and you can guess. It has something to do with Audio Drama Day on Oct. 30th. We are SUPER EXCITED!!!!! I can’t wait to show you!


What have you been busy with lately?

Have you been noticing the Gorgeous Autumn Colors?


By His Grace,


My Fall Playlist

playlist collage


TobyMac Like a Match


Dream – Priscilla Ahn Cover by the Gardiner Sisters


Walk On Water – Family Force Five and Hillsong  Young and Free


The River – Jordan Feliz


My Everything – Owl City


A Sky Full of Stars – Piano Guys cover of Coldplay


Sound of a Living Heart, and Let Down Your Guard – JJ Heller


My Story – Big Daddy Weave


Through All of It – Colton Dixon


I hope you enjoy these links and songs that I have been so blessed by.

By His Grace,


Autumn Trend Blog Event Day 3


The last day of the Autumn Trend Blog Event hosted by Ashley @ Bramblewood Fashion! I am kind of sad that it is over! This was so fun!


I am really liking this outfit. I will definitely be wearing it this fall and probably into winter. I will just add tights. I actually got this skirt from another blogger that I follow! Alex from Into the Woods. She did a Instagram Closet sale and I instantly fell in love with this plaid skirt! Especially since I have been on the lookout for one! I love it! Thanks Alex! I also get to wear my dream shoes! I have been dreaming of oxfords for months and I finally caved and bought them for actually a great price! Gotta love Amazon!





I about swooned when I saw this belt while out shopping with my Nana. She saw my excitement over it and I couldn’t really justifying paying for it and she gifted it to me! I am so thankful and I love it!





Did I say that I love these shoes!? My favorite fall trend by far!!!



So I was reading one of those blog post ideas for the month of October. One of the ideas was kind of cool. It spoke of sharing long term dreams you have. I thought it would be a fun thing to do and a way for you to get to know me better. These long term dreams are ones that I do just that about. Dream. I have no idea if they will ever happen. But, with God, all things are possible right?


* Sing the National Anthem for a Tigers Baseball Game ( I now actually have experience singing the national anthem for a minor league baseball game so that’s one step up the ladder right? I will share about that later! Such a cool gift from God!)

* Own a horse and ride it through open fields and forests. ( I sound like every little girl here but I do know how much work and money it takes to own a horse, LOL!)

* Learn to be a very accomplished Seamstress.





~ Skirt ~ Bought from blogger ~ $8

~Shoes ~ $25

~ White Top ~ Borrowed from my Sister

~ Belt~ Cato’s ~ Gift

~ Bracelets ~ Random places


What about you? What are some of your long term dreams?


By His Grace,


Autumn Trend Blog Event Day 2

Thanks so much to Ashley @ Bramblewood Fashion  for putting on this event! I am so enjoying participating!


I am going to start off with an apology. I was planning to wear this outfit, it was perfect and I loved it so much! AND. . . . I can’t find my flared jeans anywhere!!!! I am sure some of you can commiserate. I have been told everyone has had this problem at some point or another. I have looked anywhere they could possibly be and na-uh. My jeans have disappeared into the land of nowhere. I am sure they will show up sometime and they will be someplace so obvious they were probably right under my nose. Sigh. Thankfully though, the day I wore this outfit originally, I took some pics with a phone in my bedroom mirror. Not, the best photos and for that I am sorry!



I am Loving the BoHo vibes of this outfit. Lots of bracelets and the fringe/crochet top are my faves!!!






~ Striped Tunic ~ Gift

~ Fringe top ~ Gift from Cato’s

~Flare Jeans~ denizen by Levi’s ~ Thrifted $3

~Booties~ ThredUp $12

~Green Jacket~ Thrifted $1

~Watch necklace and earrings~ Antique market $8

~Bracelets~ Various places.

~Hat~ Forever 21 $14

~Purse~ Coach Brand~gift


What about you? Have you ever lost something you want to wear?


Be sure to check out the rest of the bloggers participating in the event!



By His Grace