Friday Faves:Audio Drama/Big Announcement!!!!!


So Today (or tomorrow, depending on when you read this) Is World Audio Drama Day! Oh Happy Day! In case you missed my first post about this, check it out here, but Audio Drama is something that I really really enjoy!


So I am going to list a few of my favorites! Patience! The announcement will come soon!


I finally saved up enough to buy these wonderful Drama’s! Lamplighter Season 1 is amazing and I am already starting to save up for the next season! Great stories’ with great messages and awesomely produced! Nugh said!!!!



Me so happy with my drama’s!



I also just this week got this!!! I really like the Father Gilbert Mysteries! The content is a little more mature than just your average children’s radio show and was designed for older teens on up. They address a spiritual side of the world that most people generally stray away from and I found it quite captivating!

father gilbert


My audio drama library is slowly but surely growing! Be sure to check all of these Amazing Providers for Family Friendly and Christ Centered Audio Drama. Link Happy!

 Focus on the Family Radio Theatre

 Lamplighter Theatre

 Adventures in Odyssey (for younger listeners, but adults can enjoy it too, I do!)

 Jonathan Park

 Heirloom Audio

 The Brinkman Adventures

 Keys for Kids Radio (Red Rock Mysteries and Down Gilead Lane are awesome from these people!)


Also, be sure to check out my favorite podcast where they talk all about Family Friendly Audio Drama! My sister Sarah Grace and I were on the podcast this month interviewing the hosts! Check it out!


My Library shelf! This is only the half of it, I own more, but digitally, which is awesome if you want to save money on it.



Now for our BIG NEWS!


We have created our own Audio Drama and Website! ANNOUNCING . . .

 ICHTHUS family productions!

We have put a lot of work into this over the past few weeks with the goal that we would release it on World Audio Drama Day! Our goal was achieved! We are so excited! So, go browse around, listen to the Intro Episode of our new show, visit our about page and see what we hope to achieve with this!



Be sure to let us know what you think!


Do you like Audio Drama? What are your favorites?

By His Grace,


One thought on “Friday Faves:Audio Drama/Big Announcement!!!!!

  1. Great post! Wow you realllly like audio drama! I do too, but I don’t have as many as you. I have the same Father Gilbert collection though! They are sooo good! I got it for my birthday earlier this year. I have actually checked out your audio drama and site! I think it’s great! Your sister Sarah Grace has been a regular part of the “community” on my personal blog, as well as checking out things from our family studio 🙂 Not to give myself a plug, but if you like audio drama (and specifically Father Gilbert) have you heard our drama Shadows and Daylight? It’s a Christian mystery show too 🙂

    PS: I must admit I have never heard any of Lamplighter’s productions, but their cover art is beautiful! God bless!


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