The Making of. . . My Christmas Dress Part 3


Here it is!!! I am so thrilled with how this dress turned out! I cannot even begin to tell you! So, my two best photographers were out of commission, one wasn’t feeling well, and the other was scrambling last minute to figure out what she wanted to wear to the Christmas party. So I had to train a photographer while taking these photos, and there was a fair amount of editing involved. So I apologize for the not so perfect pictures. Smile


Every detail of this dress just makes me so happy. The princess seams, the ruffled waistline. OF course those sleeves and the lace trim!


And that Peter Pan Collar of Lace made from a vintage doily. So many of my favorite things. Peter Pan Collar, Lace, Vintage, (cue the music) “These are a few of my favorite things!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


I am also quite proud of the fact that my jewelry matched today!!! Being on a budget and picking up things here and there at thrift stores and flea markets does not make for a perfect, matchy matchy polished look. Smile But I found three pieces that went together. I just bought this necklace recently for $1!! Score! And these earrings are my all time faves! Actual Antique finds!



Now, I would have loved to have just the perfect pair of heels to go with this dress but alas, it was not to be. I had planned to wear my heeled oxfords, but the light tan leather just clashed with the black tights and dark color of the dress. I tried tying it in with a matching belt, but it still didn’t work. . . I kid you not, I tried literally 7 pairs of shoes on. (some of my moms and sisters) but none worked. Then I couldn’t find these black flats which were a last resort. I was getting frustrated and finally offered to pay anyone who found them. “Reward Offered HERE!” My 12 year old brother happened to find them RIGHT WHERE I HAD BEEN LOOKING!!!!! (smacks forehead with hand) Can I just bury my head in the sand a moment?


My Hair was a style I did a tutorial on here. I really love the soft look.



EEK! I just can’t get over the lace everyone! So in love!




Zipper detail in the back.


SIgh, those sleeves turned out just like I always dreamed!



Outfit Details:

Dress: Made by Me

Tights: borrowed from Mom

Jewelry: Thrifted from various places


I am just so happy with the way this dress turned out! I cannot begin to tell you how much of a special lady I felt like wearing it! Can someone time travel me to the beginning of the 20’th century please? I hope I didn’t rave to much. It is just when a project you have dreamed about doing for so long meets your expectations. You are over the moon! Or, at least I am. And I have to admit, I have had my fair share of sewing oops and mistakes, so when this turned out so perfect, I was so happy. Even with the few hiccups I had along the way.


Did you wear anything special for Christmas?

May the Lord bless you all richly as we come to the close of this year and the start of the new!

By HIs Grace,


The Making of. . . My Christmas Dress Part 2


Making sure the bodice fits. . .


Working on the sleeve pleats. I had so much fun designing these sleeves and am so thrilled with how it turned out!!!


Sleeve sewn to the cuff.


Sleeve finished with the cuff and sewn to the bodice.



This dress had one of those “oh-man-i-messed-up-now-i-have-to-seam-rip-and-now-i-am-crying” moments.  I cut the skirt to short on accident, and the gathers got messed up, so I had to detach the skirt from the bodice, Re-gather, pin and sew it. seam rip the hem to let it out, and re-hem it with a smaller tiny hem. I was a good girl though earlier and instead of settling for a less than par fit, I took part of the sleeve off to take in the shoulder seam and re-affixed the sleeve. I have such a short torso, that the bodice almost always is too big, but you don’t figure it out until too late. You can see in the picture below that I had to take it up about an inch and you can see my pin in the shoulder seam.


Fixing that sleeve and shoulder seam. . .



Now, for the fun but hard part. Figuring out what to use to trim it. I have been collecting vintage and antique doilies for several years now and went through my pile trying to see if any of them would work for the collar. I had such a hard time and pined on about 6 before I figured out what to do. I even played with the idea of a solid whit muslin collar, but muslin was all I had and it required a more polished looking white fabric than muslin.


Mid process of picking out stuff for a collar, I found this roll of lace trim I had gotten from Hobby Lobby and gasped when I put it on the sleeve. OH MY GOSH! I about flipped! It was so gorgeous!



Sorry for the fuzzy picture, I am not sure why my camera was being funny that day. here is me pinning on the laces trying to figure out which one I liked best.



Then, I tried it on with several options pinned, uncut lace trailing behind me from my sleeves, and pins instead of a zipper because I hadn’t gotten that far yet. It was really hard not to poke myself! LOL! About squealing at this point because I can’t stand how much I love it.



I finally decided on a doily that I liked best, cut it in half and seam bound it so it wouldn’t fray. Then I pinned it to the dress and hand sewed it. I wasn’t going to trust that to the sewing machine! It was hard enough to sew the seam binding to it.


Halfway done!


All done!!!


Zipper was sewed on later and I finally finished it! I am so LOVING this dress! I felt like “an Old fashioned girl” in it. It looks amazing! Stay tuned for a final look!

By His Grace,


Tessa’s Present by Victoria Part 3 of 3



Jeanelle went ahead with all Christmas plans they had set. Hoping it would take all their minds away from the anxiety and worry over Sergeant Worth. The drive out to the Christmas tree farm was a fun time. The car was filled with Christmas music and the sound of children trying to sing along to with it. Cutting down the tree with a hand saw proved to be so awkward a task for a post pregnancy mother with four children under the age of twelve, that they had to ask someone for help, with the cutting, dragging and attaching of the tree to the car.

Hilarity reigned that night in the Worth house hold. Decorating themselves more than the tree, roasting marshmallows over the fire in the living room, and breaking at least four ornaments in the process of hanging them up, left them all utterly exhausted, but utterly happy. After saying their prayers with the girls and tucking them into bed, Jeanelle was able to finally sit down in the living room in front of the tree. Lit up with lights and filled with handmade and store bought ornaments the tree was a beautiful display that made Jeanelle fill with recollections at all of the wonderful tress from the family’s life. Looking around the room, Jeanelle felt all the more desolate over the realization that her husband was missing and possible even dead. What a horrible word! There was a mess in front of the fireplace of marshmallows, roasting sticks and empty plastic bags. Memories of the part her husband always took in these Christmas traditions filled her mind. The thought of him romping with her and the children made her put her head down onto the arm of the couch and weep. It was dark in the room except for the lights on the tree and the now smoldering fire. Jeanelle knew not how long she lay there when she was startled by someone calling her.

“Mama?” Jeanelle looked up and saw little Tessa in her red Christmas nightgown, holding the teddy bear which had been a gift from her father the day she was born. Jeanelle held out her arms to her little girl, who climbed into her lap and snuggled down under her arm. Reaching up a little pudgy hand, she patted her Mama’s cheek.

“Mama, don’t cry. Daddy will come home,” said the little comforter in a tiny voice. With a sob, Jeanelle buried her face in Tessa’s curls.

“I wish I could know that he would,” She moaned.

“He will Mama, I know he will,” Tessa said insistently. They cuddled together in silence for a few moments, watching the lights twinkle and listening to the fire crackling of the fire. Reveling in the comfort of the little warm body under her arm, she thanked God for the precious gift of this little one and prayed for the soldiers return.


Two more weeks went by with their own challenges and joys. The girls were getting excited and leaking some of the enthusiasm to their mother. One more week till Christmas. There were lots of secrets. Mysterious packages began appearing under the tree with enough tape to wrap a dozen presets for the girls all insisted on wrapping the presents themselves. They had all decided that they would get presents for Daddy when they found out when he was coming home. They all sat in the living room. The girls looking like little angels playing Uno in front of the Christmas tree, thought Jeanelle as she sat on the couch nursing little David. The phone rang.

“Lea, can you go get that please?” she asked her oldest daughter.

“Yes mama!” Lea answered, running into the kitchen. “Hello this is Lea Worth—–Yes sir, she is—-yes sir, just a moment please. . .” she said politely and ran into the living room with the phone in one hand and her other hand over the mouthpiece respectfully.

“It’s for you Mama,” she said handing her mother the phone.

“Hello, yes it is— yes—- What?!” she exclaimed in horror. ‘No! Oh, God, No! Please, I can’t talk now. Goodbye!” Raising her eyes she saw all of her daughters huddled together on the floor, looking at her frightened. “Oh girls!” she burst out. “Daddy’s gone!” straining little David to her chest. Lea turned pale and rigid, Brianna burst into tears and wept violently, prostrating herself on the floor. Little four years old Tessa stood up between them. Her little elfin features sharpened and her face pale.

“He is not!” Tessa said loudly but still sweetly in order to be heard over Brianna’s crying.

“Oh Tessa! You don’t understand!” said Jeanelle, choking back a sob. “Daddy’s gone to be with Jesus!”

Tessa never looked more angelic and yes, even prophetic. “Yes,” she said absently but clearly. Brianna and Lea quieted enough to look at her. “Yes, Daddy’s with Jesus. But he’s not- dead. He’s coming home. I know he is,” she said clearly and distinctly. Her family listened in awe. But the feeling passed, and they wept again. That is Brianna and Jeanelle did. Lea still stood as one in despair, which was a more pitiable sight than either of the other two’s weeping.

Tessa stood looking at them in confusion. “Why are you crying? I told you that Daddy’s coming home.”

“Tessa. He’s not coming home!” said Jeanelle almost angered by Tessa’s denial. Tessa shook her head in a slightly lofty way, and then walked out of the room with dignity.


When their grief had worn itself out some, Tessa came back into the room several hours later, and stood before her mother.

“Mama, I want to go to the store. But I have to go today,” she said.

“What on earth for Tess?” she asked incredulously.

“I forgot. There is a present I need to by,” she said, with the self-possession of one much older than she.

“Who for?”

“I can’t tell you!” Tessa answered completely surprised that her mother should even attempt to ask such a question.

“Tessa, not today!” said Mama, her curiosity piqued.

“Mama Please!” she begged.

Jeanelle sighed. Maybe going to the store would help take their mind off of the tragedy

“Alright, we’ll go after lunch,”

“Thank you Mama! You’ll see it soon, I promise.” She said blithely, kissing her mother enthusiastically on the cheek and running off, she did a little joy-dance. She seemed to have a secret that no one else knew what it was. And she was not going to tell. Nobody knew what Tess’s present was when she got it home, she carefully carried it to her room, tucked under her little shirt so that no one would see it. Then she wrapped it and stuffed it way back under the tree so no one would be curious enough to try to guess what was inside.

Christmas ever finally came around. They usually went to a special big party with family that night. But due to the fact that the family was mourning, Jeanelle decided not to go. When Jeanelle tucked Tessa’s sleepy body into bed, Tessa reached up and patted her mother’s cheek softly.

“Daddy’s comin’ soon,” she whispered sleepily. Jeanelle sighed and kissed Tessa’s forehead.


Christmas morning, a time of joy. A time of family, a time when we enjoy traditions, a time when we celebrated the birth of Christ. A time when we give gifts as a symbolization of How Christ was Father God’s gift to us, his beloved children.

The morning dawned with a beautiful fresh powdering of snow. No little feet pattered over the floors. No happy voices shouted “Merry Christmas!” to each other, and no one raced to the Christmas tree in the Worth family. They all lay in bed, contemplation and bemoaning the missing father. All, that is, except Tessa. She ran from bed to bed, trying to pull her mother and sisters out of bed to accompany her to the living room.

“Merry Christmas Lea! Come on! To the tree! To the tree! Brianna! Out of bed! It’s Christmas morning! Mama! Mama! Come open your presents!” she shouted, running from one to the other. She finally succeeded in rousing them all from their beds and melancholy thoughts and routing them all to the tree.

Presents were opened with excited haste. Paper and ribbons covered the floor. Gasps, ‘Thank you’s’ and joyful exclamations filled the air.

Jeanelle had just finished opening her present from the girls; a locket with pictures of Jeanelle and David on their wedding day.

“Grandma helped us get it,” said Brianna.

“We thought you would like those pictures best,” Said Lea.

“There’s still, one more GIANT present left!” said Tessa, gesticulating with her hands a present larger than she was and indeed ‘giant’.

Just then the front door opened and closed. Boots were shaken off and footsteps came down the hall. They sat as if turned to stone. A man stepped into the room, and, you guessed it. It was the supposedly dead. . . Sergeant Worth.

The ‘womenfolk’ all screamed in unison and there was a general rush for the man in camo. Lea screamed, flung her hands up to cover her face, and fainted dead away for the very first time in her young life. Brianna flew to her father, hugged his legs and wept over his feet in the most touching manner. Jeanelle ran into her husband’s arms and gave him just such impassioned kisses as only a loving wife can. Tessa danced around the little group, clapping her hands and singing joyously. . . “Daddy’s home! Daddy’s home!” David Jr. raised his voice to join in the chorus screaming lustily. It was a full half hour before the slightest assemblance of order was attained. Water was sprinkled on Lea’s face and she awoke, and started sobbing and fell into her father’s arms. He stood up, holding her close to him as she wept on his shoulder.

Later, as he held David Jr. in his arms, David Sr. explained. He had indeed been ‘missing in action’ lost, in a foreign country. He took a full two weeks to reach an army base, where for some reason unknown, they chose to send him home. He found out later, when he reached the states; that his body had been supposed to be found, mangled and burned beyond recognition. Turns out it was a young artillery operator who had no family and few friends to mourn him and had gone on to his reward in heaven. And thus he had arrived home.

A realization had just dawned on Jeanelle.

“Tessa? What present were you telling me that I still had yet to open?” she asked, looking down at her youngest daughter who sat on her father’s foot and hugged his leg. She looked up at her Daddy.

“You’re last GIANT present was Daddy,” she said in answer, resting her head on his knee. Jeanelle was even more confused.

“How did you know he was coming home?” Tessa looked up surprised.

“Why, I told you all along that I knew he was coming home,” she said.

“Yes, but how did you know?”

“God told me!” she answered, as if that explained it all.

“What?!” It was Jeanelle’s turn to be surprised.

“God told me that night when we prayed for Daddy that he would come home. Oh! I almost forgot! Daddy’s present!” she exclaimed, skipping to the tree and back again with her mysterious package in hand. She gave it to her father who opened it and held to light a framed painting of Jesus with all the little children gathered around Him.

“What does it say, Daddy?” I can’t read and I couldn’t show it to anyone because it was a surprise, but somehow I thought you would like it.”

With tears in his eyes, David read, “Out of the mouth of Babes hast thou established strength.” Little had Tessa known how true she proved that verse through her childlike faith. Jeanelle wiped tears from her eyes.

“Oh Lord, Give me the faith of a little child.” She whispered pulling Tessa into her lap and hugging her.

“Tessa,” said Sergeant Worth, chokily, “You can always trust the Lord to bring to pass what he said he will. I love you Tessa,” he said, kissing the halo of curls on the top of her head.

The End


Let me know what you thought of my little story in the comments!

Here is Part 1 and Here is Part 2. 

By His Grace,


The Making of. . . My Christmas Dress Part 1


I really wanted to make a dress for Christmas this year. I have had my eye on several plaid dresses/skirts and finally came up with a concept for a dress. These two pictures below were my inspiration, although with each, I pinned them with the stipulation that they needed a peter pan collar.


Love the Black Watch Plaid of this look, Although, I am going for slightly longer and with a collar of course.christdress


And this one is practically the perfect cut, but again, I want it longer.



So, last week, I did a mock up of my dress using a mashup of my ideas, a dress pattern that I love, and a self drafted sleeve pattern that I made up on the fly. I like making mock ups of things this important before I make the finished one. It really helps with ironing out problems (and wrinkles) before I get to using my more expensive finished fabric. I usually use a scrap sheet that I pick up from a thrift store for a couple bucks. Here is what my mock up looked like. I apologize for the messy room. But hey, I am not perfect and when I am creating, I tend to make a mess. Plus, sharing a small room with 2 sisters, means the room is never perfectly clean. Smile



I am so stinking proud of this sleeve!!!! It was everything I hoped it would be. “Nailed it!”


Next I bought the fabric and cut it out. It is all set for me to sew it tomorrow. Please God, I don’t have any troubles with it and can have it done by Christmas Eve. Also, I would like to make a skirt that is cut up and sitting in a basket for my little sister for her to wear on Christmas.


I love this Plaid Flannel! So in love! I hope I love the finished product as much as I like petting this fabric. It is so soft and I got the 3 yards I needed for $20. No bad I’d say.



Cutting out the Skirt portion



Bodice Pieces and cutting guide, (which I sorta ignored) My way was easier and used less fabric. (sheepish grin)



Toying with the idea of a lace Peter Pan Collar with one of these vintage doilies.



Cutting out my self drafted sleeves. I had to rip out the sleeve from my mock up dress because I forgot how I did it. It was less of a headache to cut it out of the practice dress, than it was to scrunch my eyebrows up and stare at the fabric and scissors while doing mental gymnastics. LOL!



The sleeve pieces cut out. The rectangles are for the cuff at the bottom of the sleeve. And the dress pattern I used parts of.



All of my stuff laid out on my bedroom floor which is my work table most times. It is easiest to work there because it has enough space for yards of fabric, me and my scissors. Smile



Super excited to show you the finished product!!!

Stay tuned for my Christmas Outfit Post!

By His Grace,



3 Easy Holiday Hairstyles Tutorial

hair tutorial




I Love this hairstyle. It is really easy and has a very natural, look and it appears that you spent hours on it, when really it just took a few min. I like to start with Curled hair. Even a little. I would really recommend it because it really helps with hold and overall finishedness. Smile 

1 Take one side of your hair from in front of your ear and twist it back and around your head. Pin in place.

2 Do the same to the other side and place this roll under the other. Pin in Place



3 Adjust as needed.


4 Split the remaining hair in half

5 Take one of the sections and twist it sideways. Place and pin this under the previous rolls.


6 Then, take the other half and do the same. Depending on how long your hair is, you may still have a short tail at the end.


7 If you have a small amount of hair left over, Twist that around your fingers continuing the roll, and pin in place. There really is no better way of describing this than rolling and tucking.



8 Pin anything that feels loose. Ta Da! It will look different every time, but that is the cool part about this hairstyle. It is a very loose and Romantic looking updo.




This Hairstyle is super easy and really interesting! I love the four strand braid, it makes it look so much cooler! I also started with curly hair on this one too. Curls half up always looks awesome. Plus, I love to curl my hair for the holidays.


1 Separate a section of hair from in front of your ear on one side.

2 Separate that into 4 strands. Here is a quick tutorial on how to fourstrand braid


It really is easy once you get the  hang of it.



3 Tie this off with a clear elastic, or just put a bobby pin at the bottom of the braid to hold it until you are ready to place it.

4 Do the same on the other side. Separate the hair in front of your ear, braid in a four strand braid, then tie off.



5 Wrap the first braid around the back of your head, and pin it down about a few inches from the back of the opposite ear.

6 Now wrap the other braid around and just under the other one. You want to make sure you don’t hide the previous braid so put them side by side. Pin in place.



Ta Da! All done! I love the way this one looks. That one extra strand in the braid sure adds some detail.




Chic Up-Do

I really like this hairstyle a lot as well! It is very sophisticated and chic and dressy looking! You don’t have to have curled hair for this style. Straight works just as well.

1 Using your thumbs or fingers, draw a section of hair on each side of your head about 2 inches above your ears and bring them to the back of your head. Using your index finger, loop the right side over the left and pin in place.


 2 About an inch below the last sections, do the same thing as above. But instead of looping right over left, loop left over right. Pin in place.


3 Do this one more time and loop right over left. Pin in place.


4 Now we are going to French Braid the rest of your hair.


5 Tie off the french braid with an elastic.

6 Wrap the braid around in the shape of a bun at the back of your head and tuck the tail under the circle you just made. Hold with one hand while you pin with the other. Use as many pins as are necessary.


7 Pin anything that feels loose.


8 (optional) I like to loosen up the style around my face and pull a few hairs out over my ears to give it a more lived in look.

Ta Da! There you go!



What did you think of these styles? Would you do them?

Should I do more tutorials like this?

 By His Grace,



Tessa’s Present A Christmas Story by Victoria Part 2

Here is Part 2, click Here for Part 1.



. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The fateful day started as any other. Jeanelle was in the kitchen when it came. It had been eight days since their last phone call with her husband and she expected a call any day. Her faith was so strong and her trust in the Lord so grounded that she did not at all expect the call she received. A phone ringing shattered the stillness. Leaping for it with almost joyful alacrity, she picked it up and pressed the button, expecting her husband’s voice.


“Mrs. Worth?”

“Oh,” she answered, disappointed. “Yes?”

You are Mrs. Jeanelle Worth?”

“Yes,” she answered, puzzled and with a frightening lump beginning to lodge in her throat for apparently no reason.

“Your husband is Sergeant David Worth?” continued the merciless questioner.

“For heaven’s sake, yes! Is something wrong?”

“I am Corporal Wilson. Hem! . . . Ma’am, your husband. . .”

“Is he injured? Oh, is he alright?!” she gasped in fear. One hand held the phone to her ear and the other pressing her swollen stomach as if to protect the innocent infant, within her.

“He was missing in action on his last day of duty,” Pause, “I’m sorry ma’am.”

“Oh God!” was the exclamation torn from the lips of the tortured woman, who, being completely overcome with shock fell heavily to the floor, in merciful unconsciousness.

“Ma’am? Ma’am?!” called the compassionate and now concerned officer on the other line. Thankfully the girls, who were in the other room, heard their mother’s tortured exclamation and fall, and came running into the room. Tessa knelt beside her mother, Brianna stood as one bewildered in the middle of the room. Lea, with great presence of mind, saw the phone lying on the floor and picked it up.

“Hello?” she called into it.

“I’m here,” answered the corporal. “Who is this?”

“Lea Worth, what did you tell my mother?” she asked indignantly.

“Something about your father. Is she alright?” he said evasively. “Should I call an ambulance for you?”

Lea knelt beside her mother. “I think she just fainted. Brianna! Go get Mrs. Grant from next door. Stop staring and go Brianna, hurry!” she said authoritatively. Brianna jumped and started on a run from the house. The Corporal gave some instructions, and then explained to Mrs. Grant what he had told Mrs. Worth. Then he hung up with a prayer. They made Mrs. Worth as comfortable on the kitchen floor as they could, before she awoke to the fact of her husband’s disappearance. But for now Mrs. Grant left her in peaceful oblivion. Alas! For it was short lived. When she awoke she had no time to think about her loved one, but instead had to concentrate on delivering her child into this world in safety. “Oh God! Let him live to carry on his daddy’s name!” was the one prayer she lifted to heaven during her rush to the hospital. And the Lord answered her prayer. When she lay on the hospital bed after it was all over, Pain racked and in physical and mental anguish, the doctor came in with a kind word.

“Although he is two months premature he’s doing finely. Rest easy. I have no fear whatsoever for him,” Was his kind injunction. With a sigh that seemed to come from her very toes and that exhaled all the tension and anxiety, she fell into a deep dreamless, exhausted sleep.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Much to the Dr.’s chagrin, little sleep did Jeanelle Worth get those three days she spent in the hospital. Between the complete shock and anxiety, she felt over her husband’s missing state and wondering how to tell her daughters, her mind seemed in a state of turmoil. She did not sorrow. In explanation to a sympathetic nurse. . .

“Somehow, I don’t feel like he’s gone. If he was, I think a part of me would have died too but it’s not like that. I feel the same as ever.”

Staying in the hospital, alone for the most part, and making visits to her infant’s incubator, was the easiest part. Telling her daughters was another matter. After having taken little David home, she sent her sympathizing mother who had been watching the children home. She needed to be alone with her family. Reluctantly her mother left, but not before giving her a charge to call if she needed anything at all. Gathering her little girls close around her, she sat on the couch, holding her little Miracle baby close to her. He was a miracle to the simple fact that an infant his age would need to stay in a hospital for at least one to two weeks. Instead, little David Worth Jr. was healthy and strong, much stronger than was expected.

“Girls, the other day, when Mommy went to the hospital, I got some news about Daddy.” She said, looking closely at the three little girls. Lea was expectant, the other were incredulous.

“Daddy was, what they call, ‘missing in action’, which means that he uh . . . disappeared,” she finished with a laugh that was supposed to be lighthearted but came out as hysterical.

“Will he come back?” asked Tessa seriously with her huge blue eyes looking closely into her mother’s.

“The man I talked to said the situation is doubtful. But let’s pray that God brings him back to us. And that he protects him form all harm.”

“Does this mean I won’t ever see Daddy again?” said Brianna, starting up suddenly, her fists clenched at her side.

“Come here Baby,” said Jeanelle, the tears chasing each other down her face, laying the baby on the couch beside her and gathering Brianna into her lap and her arms. Brianna was rigid. Pushing away from her mother.

“I hate God!” she exclaimed, her face contorted and red.

“Brianna!” gasped Jeanelle.

“I don’t care! I hate Him for taking my Daddy!” she shouted. Jeanelle went to grab her arm so she could pull her into her lap again and sooth her agitation. Brianna was too fast for her and ran out of the room and into her bedroom. Slamming the door, she flung herself onto eh bed. Not to cry, but to seethe in rage. Jeanelle, left in the living room was thoroughly shocked at her daughter’s behavior.

“Let’s pray for Brianna too. I think the enemy is trying to lie to her and get her to be mad at God. Come on,” she said getting on the floor next to Lea and Tessa, already on their knees. Joining hands, they “raised their voices in supplication’ to the One who hears and answers all of our prayers. For Briana they prayed that God would protect her from the lies of the enemy and that he would sooth her grief. Before they were through, Brianna came out on her own. Her countenance was completely full of peace and even joy. Together they prayed for their father.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Let me know what you thought of my little story in the comments!

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By His Grace,


The Results from my NuMe OctoWand Hair Tool!



So Ya’ll wanted to see what the results of the NuMe Octowand that I got for Black Friday and ranted and raved over in this post. I love it a lot! These curls last me several days too. It took me about 20 min. to curl all of my really long hair. Not to bad actually.


This is what I started with. Fresh out of a messy bun hair.


I used the 1 inch tapered  barrel.


I sectioned my hair and here is the first curl. I tried to keep my hair flat around the barrel. It is best that way when you have such long hair. Otherwise it would get super thick as you twist down.



One side of my head has a few sections of hair that doesn’t really like to stay curled, so I pin them up with an alligator clip after I curl them so that they can cool.



All done! I look like a longer version of Shirley Temple! So I like to throw my head over and shake our all the curls to give them a looser look. I really rub my scalp to loosen them around my part.



Ta DA!!!! I love curling my hair! IT is so effortless because they last for several days and there are so many things to do with it. I have found that curling before styling actually helps with hold and natural looking ness. . .  LOL!




I would highly recommend these tools and I am really happy with the results from my NuMe wand. This one is sold out, but they are having a deal right now. $39 for any curling wand. I know sounds too good to be true! They are not paying me nor am I getting any compensation for featuring them here on my blog. I honestly just really like the tools and am so happy to have one!  If you like to have curled hair and want a tool that does the job quickly and well, I would recommend NuMe for sure! Check them out!



Do you like curling your hair? Would you use one of these wands?

By His Grace,