The Making of. . . My Christmas Dress Part 1


I really wanted to make a dress for Christmas this year. I have had my eye on several plaid dresses/skirts and finally came up with a concept for a dress. These two pictures below were my inspiration, although with each, I pinned them with the stipulation that they needed a peter pan collar.


Love the Black Watch Plaid of this look, Although, I am going for slightly longer and with a collar of course.christdress


And this one is practically the perfect cut, but again, I want it longer.



So, last week, I did a mock up of my dress using a mashup of my ideas, a dress pattern that I love, and a self drafted sleeve pattern that I made up on the fly. I like making mock ups of things this important before I make the finished one. It really helps with ironing out problems (and wrinkles) before I get to using my more expensive finished fabric. I usually use a scrap sheet that I pick up from a thrift store for a couple bucks. Here is what my mock up looked like. I apologize for the messy room. But hey, I am not perfect and when I am creating, I tend to make a mess. Plus, sharing a small room with 2 sisters, means the room is never perfectly clean. Smile



I am so stinking proud of this sleeve!!!! It was everything I hoped it would be. “Nailed it!”


Next I bought the fabric and cut it out. It is all set for me to sew it tomorrow. Please God, I don’t have any troubles with it and can have it done by Christmas Eve. Also, I would like to make a skirt that is cut up and sitting in a basket for my little sister for her to wear on Christmas.


I love this Plaid Flannel! So in love! I hope I love the finished product as much as I like petting this fabric. It is so soft and I got the 3 yards I needed for $20. No bad I’d say.



Cutting out the Skirt portion



Bodice Pieces and cutting guide, (which I sorta ignored) My way was easier and used less fabric. (sheepish grin)



Toying with the idea of a lace Peter Pan Collar with one of these vintage doilies.



Cutting out my self drafted sleeves. I had to rip out the sleeve from my mock up dress because I forgot how I did it. It was less of a headache to cut it out of the practice dress, than it was to scrunch my eyebrows up and stare at the fabric and scissors while doing mental gymnastics. LOL!



The sleeve pieces cut out. The rectangles are for the cuff at the bottom of the sleeve. And the dress pattern I used parts of.



All of my stuff laid out on my bedroom floor which is my work table most times. It is easiest to work there because it has enough space for yards of fabric, me and my scissors. Smile



Super excited to show you the finished product!!!

Stay tuned for my Christmas Outfit Post!

By His Grace,



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