The Making of. . . My Christmas Dress Part 2


Making sure the bodice fits. . .


Working on the sleeve pleats. I had so much fun designing these sleeves and am so thrilled with how it turned out!!!


Sleeve sewn to the cuff.


Sleeve finished with the cuff and sewn to the bodice.



This dress had one of those “oh-man-i-messed-up-now-i-have-to-seam-rip-and-now-i-am-crying” moments.  I cut the skirt to short on accident, and the gathers got messed up, so I had to detach the skirt from the bodice, Re-gather, pin and sew it. seam rip the hem to let it out, and re-hem it with a smaller tiny hem. I was a good girl though earlier and instead of settling for a less than par fit, I took part of the sleeve off to take in the shoulder seam and re-affixed the sleeve. I have such a short torso, that the bodice almost always is too big, but you don’t figure it out until too late. You can see in the picture below that I had to take it up about an inch and you can see my pin in the shoulder seam.


Fixing that sleeve and shoulder seam. . .



Now, for the fun but hard part. Figuring out what to use to trim it. I have been collecting vintage and antique doilies for several years now and went through my pile trying to see if any of them would work for the collar. I had such a hard time and pined on about 6 before I figured out what to do. I even played with the idea of a solid whit muslin collar, but muslin was all I had and it required a more polished looking white fabric than muslin.


Mid process of picking out stuff for a collar, I found this roll of lace trim I had gotten from Hobby Lobby and gasped when I put it on the sleeve. OH MY GOSH! I about flipped! It was so gorgeous!



Sorry for the fuzzy picture, I am not sure why my camera was being funny that day. here is me pinning on the laces trying to figure out which one I liked best.



Then, I tried it on with several options pinned, uncut lace trailing behind me from my sleeves, and pins instead of a zipper because I hadn’t gotten that far yet. It was really hard not to poke myself! LOL! About squealing at this point because I can’t stand how much I love it.



I finally decided on a doily that I liked best, cut it in half and seam bound it so it wouldn’t fray. Then I pinned it to the dress and hand sewed it. I wasn’t going to trust that to the sewing machine! It was hard enough to sew the seam binding to it.


Halfway done!


All done!!!


Zipper was sewed on later and I finally finished it! I am so LOVING this dress! I felt like “an Old fashioned girl” in it. It looks amazing! Stay tuned for a final look!

By His Grace,


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