Copycat Outfit

Years ago, I pinned this outfit into my pinterest because I loved so much about it. The skirt of course, which I vowed to make one similar some day, and just the general simplicity of it. A friend handed down a skirt that had a red pattern and I immediately remembered this pin from years ago and knew instantly what I wanted to do with it. So, I was a copycat! Which, kind of is what I do. I mean I look on pinterest and see these adorable outfits and try to recreate them in my own style, with things that I have. Or I make things that look the same. Imitation is the sincerest flattery right? Smile 

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The skirt was this weird just above ankle length. Uh, no thanks. So I trimmed it up to match the length of the one above, and so I could wear these boots with it.




I absolutely LOVE these boots! They are amazing! They are my go to’s and this is my second year wearing them! They are holding up great for a really inexpensive boot.  They are not your ordinary rider boots which are really popular right now. I got them last year when I saw some really cool tall lace up boots that reminded me of medieval times. I am so happy with my purchase I made then. And, they were less than $25! And, you get free returns if they don’t fit right. They are pretty true to size too. I got 7’s and they fit perfectly. You can check them out here! Amazon rocks ya’ll!




Fun story behind these earrings. I got matching keys from the antique market. I know, matching keys? What? They were for some sort of makeup case or suitcase type thing I am sure. They are small (which made it perfect for earrings) and identical. I knew immediately I wanted to make earrings out of them. Oh, and they had the perfect hole in the top! So I did make these earrings from some random scrap beads I had from some other old jewelry. I love them! They are just so fun and whimsical!


Second day curls! I love it when my hair lasts like this. So low maitenance.





Outfit Details

Sweater/Cardigan: Thrifted, $3

Cami/Tank: Forever 21 $1.99

Skirt: handmedown and altered by me

Leggings: Walmart $4

Boots: Amazon, here. $25

Earrings: made by me

Hat: $12 Forever 21


Have you ever copycatted something? What was it?

By His Grace,


Writing Prompt 003



“I trusted you.” It was a statement, harsh and cold. Heartbroken, gut-wrenching. Defeated.

“Well then, you can’t exactly blame me, can you? It was your mistake.” She packed things into a suitcase and zipped it shut. The sound grating on his nerves, he clenched his teeth till they hurt. This woman had promised to never leave him. Promised she would take care of him. Love him. She was his mom for crying out loud.

What did you do when the only mother you have ever known decides that she doesn’t care enough to stay? Decides that your trust is no longer important enough to her? That you were just a tool to get what she wanted?

I hated crying, it made me feel week. At least that is what my mother had always told me. But she had turned out to be the biggest liar that ever walked in, and now out, of my life. So, instead of holding them back, I let the tears cascade out of my eyes and down my face.

“You mean you would just leave me? After. . . everything?” My stomach burned as I said the words. Pain so deep, it felt like it would never heal.

“Let me think for just a second, hmmm. . .” she tapped her chin with a perfectly painted black nail. “Yes,” Her gaze was heartless. How had I never noticed the empty, dark, hungry look in her eyes before?

Her suitcase thudded down the steps to the sidewalk. I stood frozen to the spot, unable to move. The sound of the car trunk slamming broke me out of my trance like state. I ran to the door. The need to hurt her as much as she had hurt me overwhelming me.

“You won’t enjoy it! Not one bit of the money, the life you have now! I hope you . . . die!” It was the worst thing I could think of to say. But the scariest part was. . . I didn’t mean it. I just wanted her to love me again, wanted to love her again.

Then, as much as a ten year old can comprehend such things as she laughed and drove away, the realization that she had never loved me flooded my brain with darkness. I sat down heavily.

“God, do you love me?”


I looked around. Where did that voice come from? It had been so loud it seemed as if it came from right next to me.

I have loved you with an everlasting love.

I realized why it had been so loud. It had echoed in my heart. Peace and comfort overwhelmed me. Maybe I could live after all. At least someone cared for me. Someone loved me. With a love that would never die.


What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!

By His Grace,


Remember. . .

Woman Worship Beach

I have had some verses roaming around in my head and popping up in my morning devotions. Yesterday,  we sat down as a family for “church time” as we call it, (basically, we all sit down and read our Bibles for a while, pray, and when everyone is done with personal time, we all share something if God has placed a verse, or a song on our hearts) God just totally grouped a bunch of verses together for me and connected all the dots.

It started off with 1 Peter 1:5-6

“You should be glad on this account, though now for a little while you may be distressed by trials and suffer temptations, so that the genuineness of your faith may be tested and purified by fire. May be found to result in praise, glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ.” Now, we are in a bit of a rough patch as a family, struggling to make ends meet. Having faith in God in these times is difficult.

Then I started reading some of these verses in Psalms.

“Posterity shall serve Him, they shall tell of the Lord to the next generation. They shall come and shall declare His righteousness to a people yet to be born that He has done it.” ~ Ps. 22:30-31

“Walk about Zion, and go round about her, number her towers, Consider well her ramparts, go through her palaces and citadels, that you may tell the next generation. For this God is our God forever and ever, He will be our guide, even unto death.” ~ Ps. 48:12-13

“Then we your people, the sheep of your pasture, will give you thanks forever; we will show forth and publish your praise from generation to generation.” ~ Ps. 79:13

“Let this be recorded for generation yet unborn, that a people yet to be created shall praise the Lord” ~ Ps. 102:18

“Great is the Lord and highly to be praised; and His greatness is unsearchable. One generation shall laud Your works to another and shall declare Your mighty acts.” ~ Ps. 145:3-4

The Psalms and indeed the whole Bible are full of moments where one generation writes of what God has done that the next might also praise the Lord. One of the most well known being Psalm 136, where the writer recounts all the great things the Lord has done for His people Israel and after every little piece that is revealed, he writes “For His mercy and loving kindness endures forever”

Is this not a beautiful picture of what we must do? There are so many things that the Lord has done for our family, and yet, after we thank and praise the Lord in the moment, they are soon forgotten in the next great thing. I want to remember them all! For our God is great, and with the remembrance and retelling of these awesome and mighty acts, my faith will be strengthened, and the faith of future generations will be as well. I want to be ale to recount to my children and grandchildren of all the mighty acts He had done for us. How He loved us so much He blessed us richly and abundantly.

I want to tell them how God saved my Mom and Dad and brought them from darkness to light. How He carried my family through some dark and troubled times. How He healed my mama from a sickness that had her bed-ridden. How He changed the hearts of those who were in opposition against us. How He provided for our every need when we had no where else to turn.

How, He even blessed us in the little things. How He provided a job for me where I don’t even have to leave my home. How He made dreams come true and allows me to do so many things I love. How He provided a ministry for my family and a way we can bless others.

I could go on forever, but I seriously encourage you. Write down what God has done for you and your family, remember them. Tell them to your children and grandchildren. Praise His name!

Remember them in the hard times, in the trials and tribulations, when it is hard to have faith, when it is hard to trust Him. Remember what He has done for you and take heart. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He will never change and He will always love you, always provide, always protect. Blessed Be His name!


By His Grace,


Warm Colors Outfit




I really love this outfit and have worn it several times. This is my absolute favorite of all of my homemade skirts! The color, and the print make me happy! Plus, I made it ever so slightly longer than the original pattern and it turned out perfectly. I have tried elongating the pattern of several other occasions, and it has never turned out this good.



I love this Vintage silk scarf too and don’t get to wear it often because it has some rather specific colors in it. I usually wear it the most in the fall and winter. The colors just seem so appropriate for that time of year!



So I am going to be real here. I looked over these photos after the shoot and was really disappointed because I have a dishwater spot on the front of my shirt. I was going to delete them and forget about the post, but I figured, if I can’t be real about stuff like that, what is the point of this blog? I was washing dished just before I snagged the camera and a sister to take photos. I later noticed that I had gotten a puddle on the front of my shirt as often happens when there are so many dishes to be washed. LOL! The spot did dry up and go away later. Too bad we didn’t wait an hour or so, eh?



Our sweet kitty cat Lottie, can be a bit of a nuisance. She thinks whenever we are outside that we are there for her. She is always underfoot, but she is such a cute fluffy little thing! Always good for a cuddle!


Do you ever have that one article of clothing that makes you super happy? What is it?

By His Grace,


Writing Prompt 002




The lights were bright in her eyes contrasting with the darkness of the stage. She looked every inch the princess with her gorgeous gauzy dove grey gown and her long hair curled pulled away from her face with flowers scattered throughout. She should be confident, but why did she feel so vulnerable? Why did her throat feel so dry she was afraid she would choke if she opened her mouth? She had the voice of an angel, the ability of a professional, the clarity of a bird. Why was there this fear inside of her? So many had told her she would do so well, but now that she was here, in the heat of the lamps, under the gaze of thousands of people, she wanted to melt away into the floor.

Lord, why am I here? I am scared.

A gentle voice filled her mind.

Why are you afraid? Of what? Of whom?

Of failing. Of them laughing, mocking me. Hating me.

No need to fear. I gave you this gift. No one can hate you enough to overturn My love. Simply share the gift I have given you. Sing for Me.

Memories of a verse floated through her thoughts. There is no fear in love. Perfect love casts out fear.

With tears in her eyes that glistened like diamonds, she looked above all of the expectant, skeptical faces. Looked into the darkness above the balcony.

Use me for you Jesus.

She opened her mouth and her voice floated like butterflies on a soft summer breeze. She closed her eyes and gave herself up to the music. The melody lifted her spirit to the presence of the One who loved her no matter what.


Did you like this writing Prompt? Got any Critiques? Let me know in the comments!

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Altered Waistband Skirt DIY


Last week, I buckled down and tackled everything in my Mending basket! I hemmed some of my Dad’s dress pants, sewed a cut out skirt for my sister, trimmed and hemmed a skirt, and organized the rest of the basket. It is a vintage laundry basket, so over time it is large enough to collect quite a bit of miscellaneous junk. Smile I got this skirt that I will be talking about today from a thrift store. I really dislike the drop waist look on me. But this skirt was so pretty! I loved the print and the color block on the bottom. I also loved the sheery, classy looking fabric. I decided I would get it and attempt to alter the waistband and I am so happy with how it turned out! A score I think for $3!


It was a Worthington brand and the fabric was just so nice!


So, first I pinned the pleats in place because I didn’t want to lose them. I debated over this. I had the idea to just make it all gathered, but decided against that. So I pinned the pleats in place in order not to lose them! This fabric was very slippery, so I wasn’t taking any chances!


I unzipped the zipper so that when I sewed the elastic to the area right below the existing waistband, I could zip up the zipper again with hopefully no problems. Smile I hope that made sense! LOL!


So, I cut the waistband off, right below the seam and pinned the elastic directly to the top of the skirt.



Then, I sewed it all to the elastic and this is what it looked like! The pleats actually turned out great! I am super happy with it!




Ta Da! All done! It fits me around the actual waist now and I really love how it looks!



This skirt is so super swishy! I can’t wait to wear it out!





I have done this alteration to several skirts before and because I often wear a belt over it anyway. I love it!

Have you ever altered something and loved how it turned out?


By His Grace,


Writing Prompt 001

Welcome to a new series on the blog! I will be taking a writing prompt that I pinned on pinterest, and going with it! I will share my stories based on these prompts here! There will be a variety of Picture, Dialogue, and just plain writing prompts. And, the rule I put on myself is that it as to be at least 150 words. Let me know what you think!

 story prompt

“No, I said we were safer, not safe”

“You are so not helping!”

“Keep your voice down would you?” he hissed.

He had to be kidding me, I could hardly keep my blood from boiling and my adrenaline from pumping high intensity energy through my body, let alone keep my voice down. My inner snarkiness comes out when I am mad. I winced as another bullet ricocheted off the wall next to us. Trust your little brother to get you into trouble.

“Why are they still here?”

“ I didn’t expect them to count the money that fast.”

“What do you mean? Didn’t you give them enough?” Another bullet cut off my sentence like an exaggerated period.

“I only had enough money for the top of the case.”

Hang on a second while I peel my eyeballs out of the back of my head. “So, let me get this straight. You pretended to have enough money so that you could get the research? Now, the guys are mad and shooting at us.”

“Pretty much.”

Brilliant little bro, brilliant.


You can check out my Writing Inspiration Board on Pinterest Here.


What did you think?

Do you like this post idea?

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