2015 Life Recap



January~. . . uh, nothing much aside from regular life happened in this month!


February ~

*I got to hang out with Mama and help her with a custom paint job where we painted a customers Kitchen Cabinets. It was so nice to get to hang out with her and work with her side by side. And help her not get lost as we drove there! Smile I also had a Birthday! That is always fun!


March ~

* I was offered a job by my Mama’s cousin sewing LED Light Vests. Seriously, this guy is an engineer and brilliant! Honored to be working for him and to be on his team. I’ve been sewing vests on and off as the need arose for him since March. Also, very thankful for the job and the opportunity for the experience.

* Mama spoke to a Young Mom’s group at a local church and did really amazing! So proud of her! And inspired by her. She spoke of how much God loves us and we don’t need to beat ourselves up for not doing it good enough. He loves us not matter what and it is important that we take care of ourselves.

*My sweet Mama also became a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach. This may not make sense because it is about my mama, but we are best friends and this was such a big deal for her. So proud of her!

* I also took the last Student Achievement Test in Piano that I can. I am too old. . . Sad smile to meet the age criteria. So sad, but awesome at the same time! I was happy with my test scores and so proud that my Technic and Sight Reading (which I am not great at) got great scores! Woot!




(me at 7 am waiting for our second plane of the day to take off. Woke up at 4 that morning!)


(having never been on a plane, this was just the most magnificent sight ever! I was literally breathless!)


(driving through mountains people. if you look close enough you can see them on the horizon!)


(That Penske truck is what I drove in for half the trip. The other half, I spent with my Nana in their mini-van. That was fun!)


(first buds of spring on the cliffs while we were in the mountains)


(bored in ohio. That land was flat and dormant still because it was the end of winter. Plus, we were on the last leg of our journey and so ready to be home! Smile And yes, I had my feet on the dash board!)

*Ok, Huge deal here. . .  I went to Georgia to visit a dear friend and help my grandparents move back up to Michigan! It was so amazing! I flew for the first time, I had Chick-Filet for the first time(the waffle fries were good, but not as good as I expected, But the spicy chicken sandwich made up for it ten times over! Ok, my mouth is watering), I got to hug my dear friend Julia in person instead of over Skype. Long distance is hard, but kind of cool because when you get to give that person you have been seeing their face and hearing their voice for months a hug, it is just AWESOME!!! Thanks for all the memory’s and cool times Julia and the Erickson Clan! Julia also has a blog and has inspired me in so many ways. Writing is the main way she has encouraged me. I probably wouldn’t be halfway through a novel right now if it weren’t for her. You can check out her personal blog here, and her DIY blog here! You won’t be disappointed! A sweeter girl never lived. (though I am probably biased!) Another reason this was such a huge deal to me is because, I have only been out of state twice in my lifetime and they were both when I was very young. God just totally opened all the doors for me on this trip. When I say everything, I mean everything!!! From Transportation, Chaperones (thanks big bro Luke) Safety, good travel, perfect plans, and a safe trip home (although we were stuck in REALLY bad traffic on the way home because we drove the moving truck up. Like 1 mile and hour kind of traffic, needless to say, I was exhausted!) So thankful for the amazing opportunity! And so blessed and loved by God!

*Also, what happened this month was the first Allegan Antique Market of the season. Woot! Love this time of year! We get to bring our family’s furniture and some of my sewn things to the fairgrounds and talk with people and then, we sometimes sell stuff! It is a blast, and I love interacting with the people and shopping through the antiques and Vintage things!


May ~

* Our Spring Shop the Barn Boutique Sale! Went awesome!

*My oldest brother and Big Sis-in-law renewed their vows! It was such a special time for our family and I cried during the prayer time in the ceremony and I danced some line dances with the girls and met some new people! The whole party was a blast! May they live together following God  and Love each other for the rest of their lives!

*I went to a Music Center that is gorgeous and practiced a Four Part 16 Hand Duet thing with 3 other people I didn’t know and it came together for our Recital! That was a blast! And wasn’t that hard because we were all in similar places musically, so counting was a little hard, but it went great! A few tries and it was good! Thank you God!

*Second Allegan



*Our Piano Recital. So fun. I got to play on a Steinway Grand Piano on stage in a gorgeous old fashioned ball room! WOW! I think I played my pieces the best I have ever played them before or after!

* A dear friend of Mama’s visited us from Colorado for a week! That was huge.

*We had a Bring Your Own Furniture or BYOF painting workshop. This is a big part of all of our lives because it is such a family thing. Us girls help with people painting and also serve the meal with help from Daddy.

*Third Allegan



*Family Reunion with my Daddy’s side of the family. His Mom and all her siblings ( of which there are 9) and their kids and grand kids. and great grand kids! It is fun time of fellowship! I look forward to it every year!

*My cousin’s fiance had her wedding shower!

*I prepared for something huge in my life this month. In September of 2014, I voiced to my big bro Matthew that I would love to eventually sing the national anthem for a baseball game, starting with minor league with a dream of singing for the Detroit Tigers someday. He emailed me the info I needed and I sent the West Michigan Whitecaps an audition and promptly forgot about it. In March of 2015, I received an email asking if I was available to sing the National Anthem on a particular day in August!!!!!! WHAT! Yes, it was true! So July, I went down to the barn to practice at least weekly if not more often.


August ~

*I preformed the National Anthem at a baseball game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot begin to describe my excitement! August 27th, my whole family. All 9 of us kids, my sis in law, my parents, a set of grandparents, and two family friends all came to the ball game to see! IT was the COOLEST THING EVER!!!!! I was not really like “ Oh my Gosh” nervous, just nervous excited. All of the those 14 years of piano performing had trained me to be a little more relaxed, plus I had so many people praying for me and their prayers worked! I stepped in front of that mic, put my hand on my heart, looked at the flag and gave it all God had given me. When I finished, I kid you not, my first thought was, I wish I could do that again!



This is a snippet of my mom’s facebook.


Plus, I made the official Whitecaps facebook! Wow! I totally forgot about those two photographers on the ground right in front of me as I sang!)


*Fourth Allegan


September ~

*My little bro Isaiah graduated! Congrats buddy! God has great plans for him!

*So, I was cleaning house when Daddy comes running in from outside with his cell phone and tells me that the White Caps Promotions Manager was on the line. I answered it and the team had made it to the play-offs and they needed someone to sing the National Anthem! Uh. . .  What!???????? I can do that! Are you kidding me? remember that little part I mentioned earlier about wanting to do it again? God is so good and made my silly special little dream come true! plus, I got to watch another baseball game with the sibs!



*Fifth and final Allegan of the year. This is so much fun for me and such a special part of my life that it is always sad when it is over, but to everything a season.


October ~

*I was offered a part time job filling in as a receptionist at a Carpet Cleaning Company for a friend who was taking a month long trip to Israel. I was so blessed to work in a super safe Christian Environment. I learned a lot about carpets, rugs and how to clean them! So blessed for the opportunity and the skills I learned. Also grateful for the time training I got to spend with my dear friend Jenna before she went on her trip.

*My cousin got married! Congratulations Joey and Lady!

*We had our Fall Shop the Barn Boutique Sale and it did better than we ever expected! So thankful for God’s provision!



*Worked every week day pretty much. That was a lot to get used to! But I had fun and loved helping people over the phones! Even the weird ones.! LOL!

*Mama and Daddy had their 27th Wedding anniversary and went on a weekend trip! Love my parents and so Thankful to God that they love each other as much as they do.

* I participated in the Sonatina/Sonata festival and got to play on a Steinway Grand again! Woot Woot!

*Had the opportunity to participate in a craft sale with family friends. Had great sales and had fun setting up and taking down with such good friends! Totally doing that sale again next year!

*Our Barn Boutique had some great Pop-up sales and had lots of people come through our doors. Again, thankful for God’s provision!

*I also had a bit of a shoulder injury that stemmed from a few back troubles. Not a fun thing.

* Ichthus Family Productions was officially launched to the world!


December ~
* I had my wisdom teeth pulled! Yah, I know, fun way to start the month right? It wasn’t that bad seeing as I only had two on one side of my mouth. Thank the Lord I didn’t have four. What misery! I still have what I call holes in the back of my mouth(sorry if this is TMI) but they are healing fast and I just started chewing without pain on that side of my mouth again!

* My back started healing with some help and exercises. Not 100% yet, but so thankful it is feeling better! Thank you God!

*We had Christmas Dinner with my Nana and Grandpa. Italian Spaghetti and Meatballs, salad, and garlic bread. The meatballs were spot on this year as was the sauce! YUMO NANA! We went to their house afterword’s for games, which was fun!

* Ichthus Family Productions (or me and my fam) released  a play list of our favorite Christmas Hymns and Carols! You can check it out here on Soundcloud, and here on our website. Some are piano, some are vocal, with a few other instruments thrown in. Sarah Grace my little Sis did a great job of Producing them! These took up a lot of time and energy!

*Then there were the Holidays and all the fellowship that holds with both sides of our family.


Praising God for such a Marvelous Year full of His blessings, grace, provisions, and Love. May we all seek Him this coming Year and be guided by Him!

What special things happened to you this past year of 2015? How did God bless you?

By His Grace,


One thought on “2015 Life Recap

  1. It’s always a treasure to look back and see the faithfulness of our Father throughout the year! Excited to see what He does in your life this coming year…may you be blessed 🙂

    p.s. I practically grew up at the ballpark because my Grandpa was a major league player (did I tell you that he managed the Whitecaps for several years?). So I kinda love it 🙂 Glad that you got such a fun and great opportunity there.


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