Star Wars Vll Movie-Going Outfit/My Thoughts (NO Spoilers)


My Brothers and I went to see the new Star Wars movie a few weeks ago. Now, I don’t necessarily think I would wear a costume to something like that. (unless it was a princess movie such as Cinderella, just sayin’) but I tried to coordinate and had Princess Leia in mind with my outfit and of course hair! I just loved Leia’s hair throughout the films, except those crockpots on the sides of her head in the lV episode. ugh. And, did you know, Carrie Fischer’s Hair was actually SUPER LONG!? She had a ton of hair. So, I went with the style from when they were on the planet Hoth in the beginning of the V episode. (I may sound like I know what I am talking about, but I had to ask my brothers what the name of the planet was like 10 times. Smile)


Here is how Leia influenced my outfit!

I went with a white dress because she almost always seems to be wearing white. And she wore a white dress in the first episode.

I wore the military jacket because she wore something similar in episode 6 and because I thought it kind of fit with the theme. And then the boots too of course. And I love the way my hair turned out!


As to the movie. I watched episodes 4 through 6 the month prior and thought they were ok. It just didn’t excite me too much ya know? I mean, someone once called them “bizarre-wars” so yah. The story parts were great, but some of the weird alien and creature things were just that. Weird. Sorry to all those super fanatical fans out there. I did like it, just not LOVED it. I did really like Han Solo though! (**and slight disclaimer, we skipped most of he 6th episode, too much immodesty) I was kind of excited to see this movie because it had a girl main character. I am not saying that because I am so feminist “yah! Finally an awesome girl hero! Go girl!” I am more excited to see a story portrayed from the standpoint of a girl with a girls emotions. I must say I really liked it. It was probably the most un-bizarre of the 4 I have seen. (Thanks JJ Abrams!) Rey was a very lovable and nice character. Fin was funny! I liked him a lot too. And of course Han Solo and Leia were awesome as well! And Po, the coolest pilot, (aside from Han of course) was fun to watch. I won’t say anything more except that at one point in the movie, I was so mad I almost threw my napkin 3 rows of seats in front of me. The thought of helpless movie-goers stayed my emotions however. Your welcome unknown people! I didn’t cry, (which is something I do for any slightly emotional movie) so it didn’t quite get me that hard. I wasn’t sad, just mad. And it made me even madder when my brothers said they all saw it coming. I was like “what? I didn’t see it coming at all! Guys!!!!” I was so shocked! So, yah, it was good and I liked it! And I want to see it again, so that is saying something!



Have you seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

What did you think?

By His Grace,


3 thoughts on “Star Wars Vll Movie-Going Outfit/My Thoughts (NO Spoilers)

  1. LOVE your outfit, and your hair! No, have not seen this one and likely won’t till it comes out on Blu Ray.
    Fun fact tho: Pete and I went to the midnight showing on opening day of the original Star Wars that came out in 1977!


  2. Your hair+outfit are so cute! Love the jacket.
    I saw Episode 7 last week and I loved it! While I really liked having a girl as the main character, I also thought it was cool having a Stormtrooper as one of the main characters, too. When watching the movies, it’s kind of easy to forget that the Stormtroopers are people–they kind of just seem like clones. And because, yeah, Finn is hilarious. 🙂


  3. I love your hair and your outfit, especially the jacket and the boots! I saw the movie with siblings and friends a couple weeks ago and really liked it simply because I thought it was great that the theater was showing something decent and clean for once….I’ve only seen the 4-6th Star Wars movies and was never a huge fan but I enjoyed the experience of watching the force awakens. And of course Chewie is always awesome! Tess


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