Warm Colors Outfit




I really love this outfit and have worn it several times. This is my absolute favorite of all of my homemade skirts! The color, and the print make me happy! Plus, I made it ever so slightly longer than the original pattern and it turned out perfectly. I have tried elongating the pattern of several other occasions, and it has never turned out this good.



I love this Vintage silk scarf too and don’t get to wear it often because it has some rather specific colors in it. I usually wear it the most in the fall and winter. The colors just seem so appropriate for that time of year!



So I am going to be real here. I looked over these photos after the shoot and was really disappointed because I have a dishwater spot on the front of my shirt. I was going to delete them and forget about the post, but I figured, if I can’t be real about stuff like that, what is the point of this blog? I was washing dished just before I snagged the camera and a sister to take photos. I later noticed that I had gotten a puddle on the front of my shirt as often happens when there are so many dishes to be washed. LOL! The spot did dry up and go away later. Too bad we didn’t wait an hour or so, eh?



Our sweet kitty cat Lottie, can be a bit of a nuisance. She thinks whenever we are outside that we are there for her. She is always underfoot, but she is such a cute fluffy little thing! Always good for a cuddle!


Do you ever have that one article of clothing that makes you super happy? What is it?

By His Grace,


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