Life and a Fun Outfit

So much has been running around my head lately. I have been sewing on LED light vests a lot, and since I finished the last batch, my sewing machine went into the shop for a cleaning. I never knew it was this hard to live without it. I got the itch to do something creative and realized I needed my machine! *facepalm* That project will have to wait.

On my way continuing my self taught education in being a seamstress, I had the idea that I would really like to make a corset. Historically accurate of course. I really want to start making period clothing, aka, Civil War, Medieval, and 1800’s and 1920’s. It just sounds so fun. In order to make certain clothes, a proper historical corset is important. I did some research yesterday and watched a few youtube tutorials. One in particular by a foreign lady who owns what is called “The Corset Academy”. Youtube is good for learning how to do things, but sometimes it can sure suck the dream right out of you and install a healthy dose of realism into your soul. I walked away from the tutorial cringing at how much work and difficulty there is in making a corset. Then there is the matter of making a corset that fits perfectly. The chances of it turning out in the first try? Slim to None, and they both left town. The chances of it turning out on the second try? A little better but don’t get your hopes up. Do you get the idea? I am still resolved to do it at some point, however, it might take longer than I had planned. My mentality is usually, “oh sure, let me whip that up real quick” I don’t do real well with projects that take forever. (translation, a few weeks) But, I am sticking to it, and although it looks incredibly difficult, I WILL make one in the near future. So there, I said it. Smile Sorry for the little rant! LOL!


I have also been busy writing away like an infatuated little writer. Every new word fuels me to greater heights of ecstasy that these 3 notebooks full of words are my own! (Yes, I write it all by hand) I have a writers bump/callous on my finger and it is a badge of honor I earned through mental blood sweat and tears as I have been steadily marching through the process of writing a novel. I am so pleased and EXCITED to announce that I am 4 chapters away from the first draft being complete. With the rate I have been going, I wouldn’t be surprised if I finish it by the end of the month! EEK! I know! Super exciting right?! Being so close to the end and seeing the light at the tunnel is exhilarating and motivating, but at the same time, scary, because it means I have to tie everything together without any loop holes. And when I finish *cringe* I will have to edit it before I can self-publish it.  


So I loved this outfit! I apologize for the mess behind me, but I quick took these pics before I ran out the door to help my mama teach a class. I got this H&M skirt from Goodwill the other day and I loved it! Floral, Paisley, and not having to alter it? A win, win, win! And I had a perfect colored t-shirt that matched! Woot!





Outfit Details:

Skirt; H&M thrifted $3.99

Tshirt: Forever 21 $2.99

Cardigan: Thrifted $2.99

Belt: Cato’s, gift

Leggings: Walmart $4.99

Boots: $14

Leather Cuff: Custom Created for me by Genesis One Designs

Jewelry: random places.


One last thing. . . I got these earrings from Goodwill, and they appease my itch for Bohemian Whimsy! I know, they are kinda crazy and I may end up altering them/shortening them, but I couldn’t resist the feathers!



What is something you have been busy with lately? Would you like more posts about writing?


By His Grace,


Writing Prompt 004

“Why is he bleeding?”

“Because he is an idiot.”

“I didn’t know idiocy caused people to just start spontaneously bleeding from the nose.”

“I think it’s a new phenomenon.”

“You could have a little more compassion for your own son.”

“Laraine, there are consequences to mistakes that you make. Now, should we go to the principal’s office or let him sit there even longer?” My wife was smart, but she like to coddle our son too much. Give him what he wanted. Jamie was old enough now to start feeling those repercussions.

“What do we say?”

“That Jamie will take whatever punishment the principal doles out as well as he will be disciplined at home.”

“Scott, don’t you think that is a little too harsh?”

“For inciting a fight over a swing during break? I don’t think so.”

“He just wanted to swing.”

“Laraine, please, you need to stop. He was being downright selfish and pushed the other kid off. Are we supposed to reward that?”


“Laraine, you need to stop treating him like a baby!” Now I was mad. I immediately regretted the harsh tone of my voice and my bluntness. But, by gum, something had to be done to put a stop to this.

“But he is my son, and I am his mother!” Gosh, she cute when she was angry. Her gorgeous eyes flashed and her shoulders stiffened like a little hen protecting her chicks.

“You need to stop giving him everything he wants and treating him like he is a delicate flower. You are punishing him! He will be worse off later! Life is hard and not all about him and the sooner he learns that the better. You can’t protect him from everything!”

“I can try!” Her eyes filled with tears and I knew where this was going. Somewhere neither of us wanted to go.

“Laraine, you can’t blame yourself for what happened. We’ve been through this.” I rubbed the back of my neck. I suddenly felt old and weighed down.

“I should have been better at keeping them safe! I should have driven them to school that day!”

The sound of sirens and screams filled my senses. I blinked, trying to force the flashback away. I blinked again and looked at my wife’s contorted face. I knew it must be a mirror of my own. I caught her in my arms as her knees buckled under the weight of the grief. She buried her face into my shirt front and held on for dear life. The little faces of my three children as they hugged me goodbye that fateful morning before I left for work filled my mind. Their smiling faces. I never dreamed that two hours later would be a nightmare that lasted 2 months. The memory of trying to care for a 6 month old, while spending time in a hospital in intensive care, while mourning the loss of two of your children, was enough to send anyone to their knees. At the end of those two months, we buried the third. No wonder she felt the need to protect Jamie so strongly. He was the only one we had left.

Her sobs tore my heart. God, where are you now?


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By His Grace,