Writing Prompt 006


“Where is he?”

“My Lady. . .”

“Answer me.” Her words were preemptory and her face cold. My heart ached under the burden of the news I was about to give her.

“Perhaps you should sit down.” I encouraged her. She sank into the gold gilded chair behind her. She stared straight ahead, steeling herself for what she guessed would be coming. Her face was calm, but the slight tremor of the muscles of her jaw and the heaving of her breast gave away her great distress.

“Well, where is he?” She queried again, her eyes finally meeting mine. She must have read the look of death that lingered there and she buried her head into her hands. When one has been in a battle, seen the atrocities of war, the bodies lying where they had been flung, with no regard for the sacrament of life, seen the hate and the destruction it causes, it always shows in the face of he who has witnessed it. I knew she saw that look in my eyes. The despair, and the sorrow. I prayed to God she could not see the guilt. For it was I who had been his guard. I who had been set to watch for those who wished to own his life. I who should have seen the arrow flying towards him and shielded him with my shield or even myself if necessary. The weight of my deed weighed so heavily on me that I wished to bow down and die.

“Noooo. . .” It was a moan, whispered but with such depth of agony it stole the breath from my lungs. I knelt beside her and laid my hand on her shoulder. She sagged against it, trying to draw as much strength as she could. Suddenly she stood and swayed slightly before righting herself. “The people, I must see to the people.” Her voice wobbled but strength emanated from her being. Strength, not of her own, but something she drew from within herself. A strength that could only come from God. She turned and strode from the room and I watched her in awe.

“Dear God be with her,” I breathed. Only he could comfort her now.


What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

By His Grace,


Why You Should Write By Hand. . .

Yep, you read that right. Writing by hand. Most people think that it is antiquated and we are in the 21st century after all. Let me give you some reasons I think it is worth a try! Welcome to Writing Encouragement Part 3! You can check out Part 1 here The Best Writing Tip You’ll Ever Hear, and Part 2 here Write For You..



Cuts down on distraction

Writing by hand really eliminates distractions for me. When I am on the computer I find myself wanting to do other things. It can start out innocent enough, but it snowballs from there. “Oh, I quick want to look up the chemical properties of gunpowder for my book. Oh look! Pinterest!” The internet is so awesome and helpful, but it is also very distracting. I find it hard to create when I have that world opened up to me. Checking emails, Facebook, or twitter. Looking at Pinterest or any other thing pulls you out of your creativity and it is often hard to go back. When I write by hand, these distractions are eliminated or at least drastically reduced. Which brings me to a benefit that ties with this one.

I also find when I am typing something instead of writing it, I get distracted and even pulled out of my creative groove by those little red and blue squiggly lines that tell me something I wrote was bad grammar or misspelled. When in the creative stage, spelling and grammar is the last thing you should worry about. Someone told me you can turn those things off in Microsoft Word, but even so, my mistakes are more noticeable to me and distract me.


It creates focus

When I have minimal distractions it allows me to focus on what I am writing. When writing by hand I get so focused on what I am doing, my siblings or parents often times have to call me several times to get my attention. I am so laser focused on putting the words in my head onto the paper and continuing the movement of my pen to form letters, words, sentences and ultimately my story.


Gets the Creative Juices flowing

There have been many studies done on the effect writing by hand with a pen and paper has on your brain. You can check out an article on Huffington Post about it here.  The process and motion of writing with your hand fires up the creative side of your brain! (granted everyone is different and this doesn’t always work. But it is worth a try!) Writing by hand definitely triggers that creativeness in my mind. It’s like the wheels in my brain start turning and it totally starts creating.


Easier to review and compare

This one is a big one for me. When I type stuff up on the computer, it gets kind of lost and muddled. Especially when I am working on something like an outline. When I am writing it, I am constantly flipping back and forth from previous pages to character sketches and backgrounds, to age graphs and research. When I have a physical copy with sticky notes marking all these segments, it makes it a lot easier for me to work on these things. I also have the ability as I am writing to go back and check things for clarification so I can ensure that there is cohesiveness in my novel. For instance, I forgot a minor characters name, and I was able to flip back to the beginning of the notebook to make sure I had the right name.


It causes me to think

“When you’re writing out something, the natural inclination is to do it as quickly as possible so you can get it over with,” stated Thorin Klosowski, in a LifeHacker post on simplifying one’s life through the use of pen and paper. “Paper slows me down and forces me to think a little bit longer about what I’m doing.”

I agree with this wholeheartedly. Because there is no backspace, Writing by Hand encourages a slight pause and thoughtfulness to my writing. It makes me want to get that sentence just a little better, and fine tune that thought just a little bit more. I am not a proponent of thinking it has to be perfect on the first try, but it is a balance of excellence versus leniency. Yes, I will edit my novel, but sometimes this cuts down on editing.


Its so cool and old fashioned

This may sound silly, but there is a part of my romantic self that loves this about Writing By Hand. If you’ve watched any of the movie versions of Little Women, you may recall how Jo hand wrote all of her stories. That moment when she if finished and picks up her large stack of paper all hand written and wraps it with a red ribbon. . . Yah, you get the picture. I am a bit of a sap! LOL! I really love that sense of accomplishment. I now have 3 notebooks filled with writing of my novel and I can’t tell you how cool and special it is to see it and flip through that many pages of my handwriting. Sigh. It is just so romantic.

writing post


I would like to sum up. Writing by Hand has been an awesome experience for me. I have loved every minute of it! I do realize that every one is different and that it may not work for everyone the way it has worked for me. Everyone has a different way of creating. Whatever I do, I hope that I encourage you to create and to write!


What do you think about writing by hand?

Will you give it a try?


By God’s Grace.



P.S. If you want to check out more reading on this topic, here are some great articles that were my inspiration.

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Hello Again. . .

I would like to start of by apologizing for my rather lengthy absence. Sigh. So many things happened. Its like someone grabbed my life by the tail, spun it around, shook it up and then dumped it back in the here and now. Or another and slightly more boring metaphor would be that someone pulled the rug out from underneath me for a few weeks.


https://rufflesandgrace.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/15b45-animegirlsick.jpg  / https://littlecloudcuriosity.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/anime-girl-with-car-reading-map.jpeg

I went on a trip! My big bro was sweet enough to drive to Georgia with me so I could visit my best friend and her family! He had fun too so don’t worry. Smile We had a blast!  I will do a recap post that goes into more detail. Julia and I really did have so much fun and I cherish the memories we made together! Despite the fact that I was sick for a part of my visit (think stomach bug and fever) we did so much and accomplished so many of the things we wanted to. Looking at the bright side of my being sick, it actually allowed us to kick back, chill and not try to fill every waking minute with craziness. We were able to chill, watch movies, play games, and just chat together.

When Luke (big bro) and I finally arrived home, we walked into a house full of people sick with the flu. Only a few of them were able to stand long enough for me to hug them. Poor dears. We were convinced that I already had the flu while I was away, so I jumped in to help out. Unfortunately, a few days later, I fell hard with the cursed flu. Confused smile For a week I was dizzy, achy, and feverish with a hacking cough. ‘nough said. It was nasty.

So that is where I have been. I am finally able to dig into real life again after a sabbatical of several weeks. Aside from being able to do cleaning and organizing and dishes again, I have so many things I want to do. I have sewing projects galore running around my head. I want to start sewing bags and wallets again so I can beat the spring crush before we start going to sales. A dress, some skirts and other fun stuff is on my to-do list too. I am working on finishing up typing my novel and I have already started the editing process. It just feels so good to be able to plan and accomplish again! After 1.5 weeks of limbo when I wasn’t strong enough to do anything, washing dishes and doing laundry feels like a privilege. Smile Blogging is also something I can’t wait to get back to! I have some fun stuff coming your way!

It feels good to be able to post here again!

By His Grace,


#OOTD “See the Joy”



This outfit is just super comfortable and easy to work in. I also feel very confident in I as well which is great! I got this shirt at a thrift store last summer and I looked up what the words on the front say. I figured they were French and when I translated them (thank you Google) It meant “see the Joy”. I thought it was such a beautiful phrase and a great reminder! Often times we get discouraged when we look around us and see only the things that need fixing, the things others did wrong, or the evil. But we need to keep our eyes open to seeing the Joy in our lives. Find the joyful things in life! Take time to notice the little things, take delight in them and praise the Lord for His gifts!


This hairstyle was funny how it came about. I did something completely different with three braids and hated how it looked, so I took all but one braid out, pulled it into a pony tail and made my favorite messy bun. I ended up super happy with how it turned out!


Outfit Details:

Striped shirt: thrifted $1

Denim Skirt: Fresh Apparel Denim Company $40 (and well worth the money)

Tank: 1.99 from Forever 21

Leggings: $4 from Walmart


I have just got to brag about this skirt a little bit. I bought it from another blogger who I like to think of as a friend. She is so much like me that I have so much fun reading her blog. She designed a denim skirt pattern which I bought and made my own, but then she started manufacturing them with all American made materials. I bought this skirt from her and it really is the best denim skirt ever! It fits to my measurements and is just so comfortable and flattering. I just love it so much! It is well worth the extra money as it is made out of the highest quality materials available. Honestly, it might be hard to justify buying one because of the price, but it really is worth it! If you are looking for the perfect Denim skirt, search no more! Ok, nough said, but go check them out Here.


By His Grace,