Encouraging Our Brothers

Silhouette, group of happy children playing on meadow, sunset, s

I have six brothers. The birth order follows thusly:




Girl (me) Smile






I am kind of surrounded with them and they are all different ages. Growing up, you’d think I would be a bit of a Tomboy, but I wasn’t, I was all princess. Smile Oh, I ran  with the boys and could climb trees, and build forts with the rest of them. There was a fair share of competing for sure, but when we played, I was always the damsel in distress, or the housewife. I was full on girly girl!  My Mama made sure of that since I was the first girl after 3 boys.

So, all that to say, I have had to learn how to treat boys and how to be a good little, and big sister to them. I’m still learning, and unfortunately because of the way these things work, I don’t have it all figured out. And in today’s culture, with the issues of gender, and the battle of the feminist, there are so many ways we as ladies are falling down on the job of encouraging our brothers.

“Encourage one another and build each other up.”


~Encourage them towards Manliness~

Boys will be men and should be encouraged towards manliness. It’s ok to let them get the door, carry the heavy things, and let them give me a hand down from the car. It doesn’t mean I am weak. They are just being gallant. I’m strong, but I don’t need to throw my weight around. They, as men, were created to be leaders providers and protectors. So, I need to let them practice.




It is important to praise or thank your men when they do something well or kind. It encourages them to do it more often. Plus, this one is great practice for us ladies. If/When we are married, we should use this same method of encouragement on our husbands. Tell them they did an awesome job tilling the garden, or taking out the trash, or fixing the plumbing! Let them know how thankful you are for the work they do.



Prayer is a powerful tool. Pray for your brothers. Pray for their spiritual, mental, physical protection. Even ask them what they would like you to pray for them for. I know from experience. It is so encouraging to know that someone has my back in prayer.


So as an encouragement from me, encourage your brothers! It is so important! You have a lot of influence as a sibling. Particularly an older sister. Though, whether it be an older brother, a younger brother, or brothers in Christ. It is important to encourage our brothers towards being the Godly leaders and Men that God intended.


By God’s Grace,



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