5 Fourth of July Outfits!!!

Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July Everyone! I am so excited for this extended weekend and I thought I would give you 5 outfit ideas for inspiration! A huge shout out to my sisters who were my photographers! by the last two, they were like “another one?” Thanks girls! I loved doing this post and it was so much fun!  These outfits tend more toward the casual, but if you added heels to one or two, it would totally dress them up. I also did my hair different for each one, and since I love doing hair, that was a blast too! Check them all out below!


Outfit no. 1




Outfit Details //

White Shorts: Thrifted $4

Flag Shirt: made by me you can see the tutorial here

Shoes: Keds $15

Sunglasses: $5

Bracelets: misc.

Earrings: Jewels by Julia

Hair: Boho Half Top Knot



Outfit no. 2





Outfit Details //

Red Tshirt: Forever 21 $2.99

Blouse: Old Navy thrifted $3

Denim Skirt: Thrifted $4

Flip Flops: Old Navy $2

Sunglasses: $5

Hair: High Side Pony



Outfit No. 3






Outfit Details //

Tshirt: Forever 21 $2.99

Polkadot Midi Skirt: Thrifted and altered by me. $5

Earrings: Claire’s $3

Shoes: Levi’s from Costco $20

Hair: Simple 1/3 up



Outfit No. 4




Outfit Details //

Dress: Ralph Lauren Hand-me-down

Top: Thrifted $4

Shoes: Kohls like 6 years ago $8

Hair: Dutch/Fish Tail Side braid



Outfit no. 5







Outfit Details //

Oversize T: Meijer $3

Jeans: Old Navy $30

Shoes: Levi’s from Costco $20

Headband: Bandanna from Hobby Lobby $1.29

Sunglasses: $5

Hair: Messy Topknot


There they all are! It was such a blast and I would love to do more post like this in the future.

I am working on a Hair Tutorial Youtube channel. Let me know in the comments which style you would like to see a tutorial on and I would love to do the most popular one!

Also, let me know which outfit was your favorite!


God Bless and Happy Fourth of July!

By God’s Grace,


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