Purposeful Pages July 2016

purposeful pages

I decided to join this link up. I thought it might be fun and my little sister introduced me to Amanda’s blog. She is teaming up with Hannah in the purposeful pages endeavor I thought the questions were insightful and might tell you, my readers, a little bit more about me.

What Exactly is Purposeful Pages you ask?

Purposeful pages is a monthly link-up designed to unite bloggers on answering questions about life, blogging, the Bible, writing, and books.

So let’s get started!

Question One // What verse and chapter of the Bible inspired you the most this past month, and why?  Isaiah 12. I just finished memorizing it. This scripture is so encouraging. My favorite verse in it is verse 2. “Behold! God my salvation, I will trust and not be afraid. The Lord God is my strength and my song, yes, He has become my salvation.
Question Two // What’s a book (fiction or nonfiction) that you read or continued reading this past month that reminded you of an important truth?  I read Samara’s Peril by Jaye L. Knight, and because of the story ( I won’t give details so as not to spoil anything) I was reminded of how Jesus died for all of us. Not just the Jews, but also the gentiles. There used to be A “chosen people.” Now, while I believe the Jews are still a special chosen, God decided, by sending His Son to die for us that we are now all “chosen ones.”
Question Three // Do you have any goals for yourself this month? If so, what are they?  Yes, I have lots of goals! LOL! One of the goals that I have forefront in my mind is to focus on editing the two books I have in progress.
Question Four // Have you discovered anything new or changed your blog around this past month?  This past month, I discovered the books by Jaye L Knight! Wow, two mentions for her in this blog post! I just read the first 3 books in her series, fell in love with them, and can’t wait for her to write more!
Question Five // What is your favorite blog post that you wrote in June?  I have 2 actually that I loved and posted in June. The first was Encouraging Our Brothers. This one was really important to me. I also liked 21 things I learned from Disney. This one was just fun and a blast to do! Somewhat unusual for me, but fun none the less.
Question Six // Can you share one quotable thing from your novel/book (if applicable) that you recently wrote?  I love this quote from my novel that is a work in progress.

“Don’t be an Island Cy. When you push us away, the person you hurt the most is yourself.” ~ Dudley


Question Seven // What biblical character would you get along with the most, and why?  Is it a cop out to say Jesus? LOL! I mean, ultimately, I would learn the most from Him and He would Love me no matter what. . .
Question Eight // Favorite new word unearthed from the dictionary?  Solmization: a system of associating each note of a scale with a particular syllable, especially to teach singing.  As a musician, this was a super cool word to stumble across during my perusal of the dictionary! Think of “do re me fa so la te do.” (you must read that singing it of course. . .Reading where the word originated was especially cool!
Question Nine // In the blogging world, what’s one thing you have learned about yourself?  Hmmm. . . this is a tough one. I’d have to say I learned that writing is one of my callings.
Question Ten // What fictional character would you spend the day with, and what would you do?  I would spend a day with Kyrin from the Ilyon Chronicles. (In now, this is the third time I’ve mentioned here, but I have read all three books in the last month and haven’t read anything else yet so. . . ) I love medieval things and time period stories. We would do some sparring, as well as have her teach me archery. Then I would help her cook dinner and chat.


Did you like this sort of post? I would love to hear what you think!

By God’s Grace,


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