How To Make Sundresses Modest

I gave up on dress for the longest time. I couldn’t find any that fit my modesty standards. After years of trying, I threw in the towel and gave up. But with a little ingenuity and creativity, dresses can often times be made modest! Here are some ways!


The Cover.

Often times the tops of dresses leave a lot to be desired. But there are some great options for cover ups!



This denim cover works great! A simple denim or Chambray blouse is a perfect addition to nearly any dress!



Cardigans are another great option! There are so many options for cardigans or other wraps. This one is short sleeve and light and airy so it is really comfortable in the summer. But if it is cooler out, the long or 3/4 sleeve versions are great too.


This cover up is my favorite! My denim vest has gotten so much use and is several shades lighter than when I got it! LOL! It is perfect for cover ups and hiding pretty much anything on the top half.




The Neckline:



Cami’s or tanks are the perfect remedy for plunging necklines or less than modest collars. My favorites are really inexpensive from Forever 21 here. I’ll be sure to do a tutorial on how I fix the straps for myself.

Here are a few more links for modest tanks with high enough necks.

Modbod I have some of these tanks as well, and they are fabulous! The fabric is so nice and durable, and the neckline is perfect. Not too high that it chokes me, but super modest.

Halftee I have yet to try one of these, but I have several friends that LOVE them!



Lets face it. Dresses these days can be so short! Sometimes, that can be fixed with a simple ruffle! Easy enough if you know even the basics of sewing.


This one was a bit too short, so I had to crouch! LOL! I absolutely loved the fabric though, so I wanted to give it a go!


Through a fortunate series of events that I will share in another post, I found matching fabric and made a sweet little ruffle that not only made the dress longer, but also made it fit my personality more. This blog isn’t called Ruffles and Grace for nothing! LOL!


This dress as well was too short, but at the time, I loved the fabric and everything else fit! So I used a white sheet and cut a ruffle for the bottom and sewed it below the lace layer that was a part of the dress. I got several compliments on it. My sweet little sister now calls this dress her own and it is one of her favorite things to wear.



Did you find any of these tricks useful? Do you have any tricks for making dresses modest?

By God’s Grace,


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