I’m Back! + Olive Tunic


















I have been missing in action for a bit. I took a week off from blogging so that my designer could edit the site. I absolutely love how my blog turned out! I am in love with everything! I hope you will explore and see what’s new! There are still some details that need to be touched up and fixed, but I just love it! It couldn’t have been more perfect timing for me to take some time off because I was super sick with some nasty bug and I am finally feeling better so I can’t wait to get back into my schedule!!!

I have so much going on! The seamstress business is very busy right now and I can’t wait to finish some of the projects! the Lord has really provided right now and I have almost more work than I can handle! So thankful!

I absolutely LOVE this outfit! I don’t know what it is but everything just fit together so nicely! From the half-topknot, down to the sandals, I just adore it and will definitely be wearing it often! I can already picture styling it for fall and winter! little booties and a scarf are definitely in order for that! I got this tunic top from my sister-in-law who is a LulaRoe consultant. Their clothes are modest and while I wouldn’t wear everything they have, I am just in love with this shirt! It is called a Perfect T and if any of you are interested and are on Facebook, you can check out her page here! I have modeled for her in some of her styling videos which was a blast! You can also find those on her page. But back to the outfit, I am totally in love with this top. It is comfortable, modest and I don’t have to worry about the neckline or the length. It is just perfect. It has a bit of a shimmer to it and I feel like it looks so dressy! I am so happy that Bohemian, feminine, and flowy tunics are in style because I wouldn’t wear anything else with my skinny jeans.

Olive green is one of favorite colors and I love how it looks paired with the black skinny pants. I am also really liking these new sandals I got on clearance. They are very classy and definitely a step up from flip flops. I am really happy that I have a dressier pair of sandals now. My necklace I got from an antique show. I am sure you have heard me wax eloquent on how much I love feathers and this necklace is a feather so I am a happy girl! My bracelet I got from an art show I participated a few weeks ago. OH MY GOODNESS! It is the coolest thing ever! This gentleman who had a booth across from us makes them out of recycled guitar strings! They are so awesome! He has lots of different designs, but I chose this one which is all six strings from a guitar woven together to create the bracelet. As a musician and a music lover, I just loved it. When I spoke to him about how cool I thought they were and explained why I loved it so much, he said “it’s like wearing your passion around”. I thought for a second and was like. That is EXACTLY what it feels like! You can check out his site here. For real, if you like music or cool jewelry, his stuff is definitely worth checking out! He does earrings, bracelets, necklaces. . . They are just gorgeous!



Top: Perfect Tee from “my” LulaRoe consultant

Black Skinny’s: Cato’s $5

Sandals: Payless $15

Necklace: $7

Bracelet: Colorado Restrung

Purse: Vintage Coach Bag (gift)



Do you like the new design on my blog? What have you been busy with?

I love hearing from you in the comments!!

By God’s Grace,


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