5 Ways to Motivate Yourself


Ever feel stuck in that rut of not getting anything accomplished? Maybe you’ve taken some time off and now it feels hard getting back into the swing of things. Are you procrastinating over things you really should be doing, but you really don’t feel motivated? Here are 5 ways to motivate yourself! This list has often helped me, especially this past week…

1 ~ Get Inspiration.

Pinterest is great for this obviously. Are you trying to get organized? Clean house? Work on your blog? Write, Create, or just pick out a cute outfit? Find something that inspires you! Look at pictures of finished products, garner inspiring quotes or other encouraging things. Write out Scripture that encourages you and place it somewhere you will see it often.

2 ~ Make a List.

I love this one personally. I love checking things off a to-do list as I accomplish them. It is also nearly necessary for organization purposes. If I don’t write it down, often times things build up and I forget stuff. This has become a necessary part of my life. Get yourself a small cute notebook to set out on your nightstand or workspace with a pen and write the things that come to mind down and the motivation of getting to cross it off the list when it is done is often all I need!

3 ~ Start with the easiest or most fun thing.

Looking at your to-do list, if you are still feeling unmotivated, pick the thing that can be accomplished quickest, easiest, or if it is just plain more interesting to do. Once that thing is done, you will feel more motivated to accomplish more things on your list!

4 ~ Motivating Music

I am a huge music lover, enthusiast and aficionado. I listen to is all the time, but when the house is a mess and me and the siblings don’t feel like cleaning, sometimes breaking out a speaker and putting on some upbeat worship or instrumental dancey music will get us all in the grove of working and working fast. It must makes it more fun and this is a quick fix to feeling instantly motivated!

5 ~ Just Start!

For real though, stop procrastinating and JUST START! (ok, I am totally preaching to myself right now!) but just dig in and as you accomplish things, you will feel motivated to accomplish more!


I hope you found this post helpful and encouraging!

What are some ways YOU motivate yourself? I would love to hear!

By God’s Grace,


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