Writing Prompt 027



Something buzzed my face and I swatted at it. I couldn’t stand flies. They were always so annoying. It flew at me again, just by my eyes and I blew out in frustration. Why couldn’t these things leave me alone. A slight tap on my shoulder made me turn around. Startled, I had thought I was alone. Odd. No one was there. Shaking my head, I started walking again. This was ridiculous. Now I was imagining things. Something grazed my shoulder again and this time I swiped at it. My hand hit something and sent it flying. Curious, I turned and scanned the ground, looking for what I must have dislodged from my shoulder. A slight flicker caught my eye and I stooped to look closer. Read More »

A VLOG!!!!


Hi everyone! I decided to participate in this Vlog Challenge hosted by Ivy Rose from Lakeside Publications! I originally saw Abi from The Left Handed Typist. I thought this would be a blast and it was! I hope you enjoy it! I apologize for my slightly congested state. I am still getting over a head cold, but I had to get this in on time, so I did it anyway! Here it is!


Let me know what you thought!

Do you like Vlogs? Should I do them more often?


By God’s Grace,


Fall Fashion Inspiration Pt. 1

It is that time of year! WOOHOO! I love fall ya’ll! Really, though. I really do and I am so ready for it. The leaves are already starting to change colors up here! We had our first few days of cool, fallish weather just this weekend. (never mind the fact that it is supposed to be 80 tomorrow, we won’t discuss that) Here is a bunch of inspiration for my fall wardrobe and clothes this year!

Fall 2016 collageRead More »

Writing Prompt 026



It was cool. Not overly cold, and she didn’t shiver. Just pleasantly, delightfully cool. The air on her skin was such a delightful sensation that she almost didn’t want to wake up. But a light from above shone through her eyelids, compelling her to open them.

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