Writing Prompt 023



I hoisted my backpack a little higher and stepped into the empty train terminal. It would be a few hours before the first train arrived at this backwoods station. My back ached and my feet were tired from the miles long walk I had taken to get here. It was so quiet and empty that the ceiling seemed higher, and the area larger than I remembered. My footsteps echoed loudly in the ginormous space.

I jumped and froze when I heard a quiet sneeze somewhere ahead of me. I craned my neck, trying to see who else was here, but trying to remain as still as possible. It would be just my luck if my dad or the police were already onto my trail and had someone waiting here for me. Around a pillar, I just barely caught sight of a wisp of long brown hair and a glimpse of a grey sweatshirt. I let out a huge breath. It was just a girl.

And a young one at that, I realized as I walked closer. She was sitting, dangling her legs over the cement edge of the platform. She swung them back in forth in a relaxed manner as she gazed down the tracks and out of the station. I was unsure if she was aware of my presence and I hesitated. Not knowing if I should go ahead and risk startling her, or remain hidden.

I coughed slightly. She tilted her head, but didn’t make any other sign that she had heard me. I walked up and sat down in a similar position to her own about six feet away from her. She didn’t change her position, but continued to swing her feet back and forth, but I knew she had to be aware of my presence.

“So. . .” my voice had an annoying habit of squeaking in the worst possible moments and I cleared my throat and tried not to blush. Another annoying habit. “Running away too huh?” I tried to sound casual.

She tilted her head in what could be conceived as a nod. She shivered slightly and folded her arms. The sweatshirt she wore was too big for her and she was wearing shorts which were entirely inappropriate for the chilly weather. The black boots she wore were extremely old looking and worn. I tried to make her feel more comfortable.

“Hey, so I’m running away because my mom died last month and. . .” my throat choked up and I swallowed. Mom had always tried to protect me and now she was gone. “My Dad has never really been around. Drinks a lot, you know? So, here I am.” I shrugged nonchalantly.

She twisted her head a little bit and glanced my way. I was surprised and spellbound when I saw her face. Her eyes were the biggest eyes I had ever seen. Smoldering deep brown depths, but what also held my attention was the blue and purple bruise blossoming across one side of her face and neck. Her lower lip was cracked and swollen, but somehow she still looked pretty. No older than twelve, though I had never been good at guessing ages. A flash of sympathy lighted in her eyes before she nodded and looked away again, her thick hair swishing back over her shoulder to hide her face.

I shook myself. I don’t know why she seemed to captivate me the way she did. I tried to take a deep breath but my constricted lungs only let a small amount of air in. She looked so much like my little sister before she had. . . Well, before she had died.



Wow! It was so hard to end this one! I just wanted to keep writing. My mind is pinging with ideas and I am thinking of writing more and making it a full blown story. . . Hmmm. . .

What do you think? Should I keep writing this one?

Let me know what you thought in the comments below!

By God’s Grace,


4 thoughts on “Writing Prompt 023

    • Aww. . . Thanks Adina! I am not really sure where I get my inspiration other than to say it is cultivated. I started writing when I was little and I read ALOT! I think both of those things help. Writing is part practice. But aside from that. I really have no idea! LOL! Ideas just pop into my head most of the time which is why I really like these Writing Prompts. I am exercising my writing ability and I often times feel inspired just by looking at the picture. Thank you for your kind words and I will stop rambling now!
      Blessings, xo


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