Last Days of Summer///Casual Outfit









The last days of summer are upon us, and for most people, they may as well be over. My family has a long standing tradition instituted by the Principal of our school (Daddy) that we don’t officially start school until October. So, I still have a little less than a month to enjoy this Indian Summer. Which, while we are on the subject of summer, is it just me or has it been quite warm lately? And humid. Wow!

I have wanted to share with you all an outfit that is what I would term an “everyday outfit”. And I call it that because this is an outfit that I wear around the house while I am working on projects, cleaning or just doing life. You often get to see the “dressed up me” and I thought this would be a nice change. Also, this is one of my all time FAVORITE skirts!!!! I have always been a fan of peasant skirts and this one (aside one that I made that is my fave) is just awesome! The amount of fullness and swishiness is just perfection! I love floating around the house in it and twirling when I get the chance. And it is very comfortable. I often pair it with a graphic T or today it was a blouse which I haven’t worn nearly enough this year. Of course I had to wear bracelets because those always make me feel special and just a little dressed up. A messy bun/top knot was in order because I was going to be working all day and wanted it out of my face. Plus, with this humidity, it has been fizzing out anyway! LOL! Am I the only one with that problem?

So, about the wrist brace. I did not injure my wrist in any way so fear not! I have been working a lot and it has started to take a toll on my wrist. Specifically my right one because that is my dominant hand and that one holds my scissors and adjusts all of the levers on my Sewing Machine. I was realizing this week that I use my hands for the majority of what I do on a day to day basis. I sew (which involves a lot of pressure put on my hands/wrist with all the cutting, hand sewing, and machine adjusting) I play the piano, I write by hand a lot, and I work on the computer. I was reading another seamstress’s blog that I follow (which this girl is amazing!) and she got some wrist braces and she said they helped a lot and helped to distribute the pressure. I ordered a set, but in the meantime while I am waiting for them to get here, I have been wearing this one when I work and it helps a lot! So if you use your hands a lot and are experiencing sore wrists, using a brace has helped me very much.

I have also been listening to quite a bit of music and audio drama. I always do when I am working, but I never really mention it. Hence the music player and headphones. Plus, I am barefoot, because I never wear shoes around the house or yard. Smile So this outfit is really just a slice of my day to day life!


///Outfit Details///

Top: Thrifted $2

Cami: Forever 21 $1.99

Peasant Skirt: thrifted $12

Bracelets: Kohls clearance $3


Would you want to see more casual/everyday outfits? Do you have anything that helps sore wrists?

By God’s Grace,


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