Writing Prompt 026



It was cool. Not overly cold, and she didn’t shiver. Just pleasantly, delightfully cool. The air on her skin was such a delightful sensation that she almost didn’t want to wake up. But a light from above shone through her eyelids, compelling her to open them.

When she did, the air around her filtered the light strangely, sending slivers of yellow and gold piercing through the particles that floated around her. She started, realizing for the first time that she was floating. She kicked her feet and flailed her hands in her fright, but it was hard to move quickly and she only shifted slightly for her trouble, almost as if she were. . . in water.

She paused and looked around her. Her dress floated softly around her and her hair was waving in the water like seaweed. She was in what looked to be a parlor. Crystal chandelier hung just slightly above her. Down below were all the furnishings in their place. Chair in the corner, and items on the mantel.

In an involuntary reaction, she tried to gasp and realized that she couldn’t breathe. But somehow she didn’t need to. Her body no longer needed air to survive. Just the same, a stifling, choking feeling came over her as she panicked. What was going on? She fought and swam towards the surface.

The light spilling in from above seemed to mock her as she tried desperately to break above the surface. A sudden searing, white light blinded her and she felt the jolt through her entire being. Light strobes continued to flash in her vision as a heaviness pressed in on her chest. She was no longer in the underwater room, but floated in blackness.

Breath! Her brain screamed to her body. But it did not respond. With an especially hard thrusting feeling on her chest, her body convulsed.

She opened her eyes and bright colored pixels danced in front of her. Slowly, they clustered together to form shapes and shadows. A face near hers. It still sounded like she was underwater, the noises and voices far away and lazy. The lights above her head flickered and changed and something was placed over her mouth.

The feeling of air entering her famished lungs filed her with such relief. Precious air! She gasped and swallowed it in, reveling in the life it brought to her body.

A pleasant feeling of exhaustion crept over her. It felt safe, calm, sweet. She sank into its dark arms, allowing it to fill her senses till there was nothing. Until she knew nothing but the peace and blackness.


A soft feeling on her arm woke her. The skin on her arm tickled with the gentle rubbing. She knew it was probably time she opened her eyes, but the sleep had been so restful, and peaceful, she didn’t want to leave.

When she finally mustered the gumption to force her eyelids open, a fluttering sigh escaped her. As she became more awake, the heavy weight in her chest made it hard to breathe. But she could breathe, and oh! How grateful she was.

The pixels in her vision clustered again and the haze faded. She recognized the face of her Dad right behind her mother who was rubbing her arm.

“M-mo-“ her throat hurt and was raspy and dry.

Tears sprouted in her mother’s eyes and her shoulders shook beneath her Dad’s hands.

“dad?” she croaked a little louder this time. He reached for a glass of water on the table beside her and lifted her head and held it to her lips. She took a sip and felt the coolness soothe her throat. When he rested her head back on the pillow, she glanced past him, and even with her still blurry vision, she realized she was in a hospital room. She tried to remember in her brain what had happened, but nothing came to mind. Not one thing. Her whole body was sore; like she had spent several hours at the gym. “What happened?” she asked, cringing at the sound of her voice.

“Don’t you remember honey?” Mom leaned towards her.

Amber shook her head.

“Amber. . .” her dad’s voice broke and she looked up in surprise. His normally stoic expression was contorted with emotion and tears were in his eyes. “Amber honey, you almost drowned.”



Let me know what you thought in the comments! This one was a stretch for me and I stared at the picture and struggled for quite a while. I was like “okay, this one is a bit hard. What on EARTH do I write about?” The hard prompts sometimes end up being the most fun because they stretch my ability to write.

By God’s Grace,



2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt 026

  1. Great job! I can see how it’d be difficult to write something on that particular picture, but you did an awesome job, as always 🙂 I love how you easily switch writing styles with the different prompts–probably the mark of a truly skillful writer! Tess


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