9 Days in Dresses

dress collage 2

Summer was nearly over, and I looked in my closet and realized, I had all of these beautiful dresses I had planned to wear all summer. Unfortunately, I didn’t wear them as much as I thought I would. I never wore some of them! So, for the last days of summer, I decided to spend a week in dresses.

Which, as you can see, turned into nine days straight wearing the dresses in my closet. Nearly half of them are ones I made myself. There are a range of casual, to dressy dresses and I hope you enjoy scrolling through my days of wearing dresses. I can’t tell you how much I loved it! It reminded me how much I love dressing femininely and focused my mind on choosing to wear my dresses. Some of theses I find could definitely transition into fall with a cardigan over top, maybe a scarf and some booties or my beloved heeled oxford shoes. I noticed I move differently when I wear my dresses. I kind of float when I walk and hold my head up. They remind me of my dignity and my special role as a woman. Being a feminine woman is something that I am passionate about and dressing like this everyday reminded me of the importance of looking, acting, and dressing like a lady. There is a quote that I just love that I will post below. Ladies, it is so important to be a lady who embraces her femininity and they way God made us. Especially in this day and age.

“When a culture of ladies arises, a culture of gentlemen will follow” ~ Jason Evert


///Day 1///




///Day 2///




///Day 3///




///Day 4///




///Day 5///




///Day 6///




///Day 7///




///Day 8///




///Day 9///



///Outfit Details///

Day 1:  Dress: made by me. Cardigan: thrifted $3. Flip Flops: Flojoh’s from Costco $12

Day 2: Dress: hand-me-down from a friend. Shoes: Kohl’s $9 Cardigan; hand-me-down from friend

Day 3: Dress: Maxi, hand-me-down from Mama. Cardi: thrifted $4

Day 4: Dress: Merona brand thrifted $6

Day 5: Dress: Carly from My sis-in-law, bartered. Necklace: gift Flip Flops: Flojoh’s from Costco $12

Day 6: Dress: Vintage, $14. Shoes: Kohl’s $9. Belt: borrowed from sister. Cardi: thrifted $3

Day 7: Dress: made by me. Boots: Vintage $10

Day 8: Dress: made by me. Flats: thrifted $4. Cardi: thrifted $4

Day 9: Dress: thrifted $4. Boots: Justin’s brand $9. Belt: recycled from another dress. Scarf: hand-me-down.


Which dress was your favorite? Do you like wearing dresses? What do you think about being feminine?

By God’s Grace,


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