Fall Fashion Inspiration Pt. 1

It is that time of year! WOOHOO! I love fall ya’ll! Really, though. I really do and I am so ready for it. The leaves are already starting to change colors up here! We had our first few days of cool, fallish weather just this weekend. (never mind the fact that it is supposed to be 80 tomorrow, we won’t discuss that) Here is a bunch of inspiration for my fall wardrobe and clothes this year!

Fall 2016 collage


(source: here) I am in love with this tweed dress. I really want to make one of these or something similar. I have heard from some other seamstresses that working with tweeds/wool is actually surprisingly easy and enjoyable. So this year I want to give it a try.


(source: here) I recently saw this post on my bloglovin’ and I loved it. She was showing how to wear dresses in the fall and winter months, but I just love the dress! I would never think to go with something like that while going through a fabric store, but it is just so adorable. I also like how she is wearing it with heeled oxfords, which of course I love. And the beret. I just really love everything about this outfit. I definitely have a long sleeve/3/4 sleeve dress on my to-make list.



(source: here) Again, I really want to make a winter fabric dress and wear a blouse underneath. I could totally use the pattern I already have and love (50’s style dress) for this.


(source: here) Also, same here. I just love this dress with the blouse underneath. I want to make a darker colored 50’s style dress like I already have quite a few of and wear a blouse beneath it. I actually have the fabric for my own version of this picked out already! Can’t wait to get started!


(source: here) This outfit is so pretty. Very feminine, yet classy at the same time and it utilizes some of my favorite colors. Olive and burgundy. It is just so gorgeous!



(source: here) I of course love everything about this collage. Is there a button I can press to make all of this stuff fly into my possession?


(source: here) So as you can see, these last three pictures all feature similar skirts and I want to make one! Again, utilizing a wool/winter fabric for this I want to create something similar to all of these. I think I am going to go with a gathered waistband (instead of pleats) and I am totally putting pockets on it!!!



(source: here) I have some really nice tunics that I plan to utilize as well. I love this look and I can’t wait to start wearing my hats again! I even have similar boots to these.


Part two will, Lord Willing, be coming later this week! I have a cold, so I will be unable to do any outfit posts. Sad smile So sad, but this will be fun though!

Are you excited for Fall? What is an item you are excited to start wearing?

By God’s Grace,


You can check out my fall/winter fashion board on pinterest  for more loveliness here!

4 thoughts on “Fall Fashion Inspiration Pt. 1

  1. Oh my word, all of these are so beautiful! Fashion is one of the main reasons fall/winter is my favorite time of the year!! We’re just finally starting to get some breezes and cool mornings here in Texas and I am loving it! ❤ I love wearing boots, scarves, tunics, dresses with leggings, jackets, coats, cardigans. ALL OF IT! You must have some awesome seamstress skills! I'm jealous 😉


    • LOL! I love wearing all of those things too! Unfortunately or us, fall doesn’t last too long before it decides to become winter! And then we have to cover up all of our pretty clothes with heavy wool coats. 🙂 Thanks for the comment!


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