Writing Prompt 027



Something buzzed my face and I swatted at it. I couldn’t stand flies. They were always so annoying. It flew at me again, just by my eyes and I blew out in frustration. Why couldn’t these things leave me alone. A slight tap on my shoulder made me turn around. Startled, I had thought I was alone. Odd. No one was there. Shaking my head, I started walking again. This was ridiculous. Now I was imagining things. Something grazed my shoulder again and this time I swiped at it. My hand hit something and sent it flying. Curious, I turned and scanned the ground, looking for what I must have dislodged from my shoulder. A slight flicker caught my eye and I stooped to look closer.

No way. How is that possible? I thought all dragons were extinct. At least, that is what I had been taught, but now, right in front of me nearly as tall as the grass was a tiny dragon. It was looking at me with the smallest, beady little eyes. It looked kind of like a cute, tiny lizard. I gulped. I had been bitten by a lizard before. The missing tip of my index finger still bothered me when I looked at it. Unable to look away and strangely intrigued by the little devil, I slowly moved my hand closer. It had to be a baby. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt me. It solemnly watched me get closer and closer. It didn’t flinch when I slid the tips of my fingers under its tiny body and lifted it from the ground. It curled its tail around my finger and I stared at it as it stared back at me. Why was it here? Did it have a family? If not, it was just like me. I didn’t have any family either. Something swelled in my chest. The idea of a pet was a hopeful one. And when you don’t have a lot of hope in your life, any little bit can make you do something crazy and jump over a cliff. Or adopt a tiny dragon.



This one surprised me. I got it in an email group and I was like “oh brother, dragons? How do I write about that?” When I pushed myself to start though, I think it actually turned out pretty good! Let me know what you think in the comments below!


By God’s Grace,


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