Fall Fashion Inspiration Pt. 2

fall fashion collage 2

Here is installment number two of what is inspiring me fashion wise this fall. I am so in love with all of these clothes, but I have a strict budget and I try to be purposeful, thrifty, and frugal about my clothes. I also want to be adventuress in the sewing department, so there is a list of projects I am excited to dig into!


(source: here) This dress. Sigh. I mean really, how classic can this get!?!? A light weight denim dress is one of the things high on my priority to make. Think of all the ways this can be worn! With scarves, jackets, boots, cardigans. . . there are so many different ways to layer this dress to be winter appropriate! The trick is going to be finding the perfect weight and wash of denim so that it doesn’t end up looking frumpy and jumperish. LOL!



(source: here) This is an outfit I find my self wearing a lot in the fall and winter. Leggings or tight with a cute dress and boots. Can we just admire the floral print on this dress for a minute? (can you tell I am drooling over this fabric? Yeah, I’m crazy)



(source: here) GAH! Floral prints of this color scheme and look have been plaguing me. I WANT TO FIND THIS SO BAD!!!!! I have been searching high and low for the perfect floral print with a navy background. I am pretty specific with what I want, but I still have yet to find it. I have a dress all planned out to be made with it, but I CANT FIND IT!!!! I will not give up though. I am still looking. But, to tell you how much I love it, this would literally be the ONE thing, if I could only pick one, I would want to make myself this fall.

Navy Dress collage

This collage is made from all the pictures in my pinterest board. Can you tell I am in love with this print? Sigh. . .



(source: here) I love this look. The sweater, black skirt, tan shoes and a super cool hat. I love hats and I wish I could find one that looks exactly like hers. sigh. So pretty, old fashioned and so me. I have a black midi skirt that I am planning on utilizing quite a bit this year!


(source: here) Another outfit option for my black midi skirt.


(source: here) Again a great option for a black midi skirt, or some of the other midi skirts I already own. I would like to find a turtle neck or half turtle neck top like this.


(source: here) Can we just admire this skirt for a moment? It is stunning and perfect for fall! But yet it also has a vintage flair to it as well.


(source: here) I like this look a lot and I am in the process of altering a skirt to be this type of a shape.


(source: here) Another high waisted midi look. I actually have a tan version of this skirt! I never liked it much because it has a tie and it looked slightly odd on me, but I think a belt like this is the perfect solution! Now I can’t wait to wear it!


(source: here) Plaid and stripes. . . I love this. I also really like the whole blouse under a sweater or dress trend. I think it is very sophisticated and classic looking. I am definitely going to be giving it a try!


Which one of these styles is your favorite? You can check out Part 1 of this series here!

By God’s Grace,


3 thoughts on “Fall Fashion Inspiration Pt. 2

  1. Like you, I think the denim dress would be incredible useful and just plain handy to have! But aside from that I like the brown hats and darker tone floral skirts. I think a brown cross-over-body satchel would be a cute accessory to go with some of these looks- kind of a vintage leather messenger bag. What do you think?


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