Writing Prompt 025

brick home


Elizabeth felt the urge to peek over the brow of the hill, but she shook her head and turned back to her work. She wrung out one of her husband’s shirts, letting the dirty water fall into the tub before she gave it one last twist and dropped it into a basket that rested beside her feet in the grass.

She was acting like a spoiled child at Christmas, trying to take a peek at her presents before it was time. She glanced at the top of the hill once more, the logic in her head outweighing the longing of her heart.

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Writing Prompt 023



I hoisted my backpack a little higher and stepped into the empty train terminal. It would be a few hours before the first train arrived at this backwoods station. My back ached and my feet were tired from the miles long walk I had taken to get here. It was so quiet and empty that the ceiling seemed higher, and the area larger than I remembered. My footsteps echoed loudly in the ginormous space. Read More »